How to Start Growing After Doing a Complete Ethical Hacking Course?

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There are frequent instances of cyber security risks, data breaches, money theft, digital attacks, and cyber espionage in the press. Get an Ethical hacking course.

All of this is made possible by the fact that individuals with malevolent intent may now organize these operations from behind a computer screen in the comfort of their own homes.

This simplicity encourages an increasingly growing number of hackers to commit cybercrimes, given the global accessibility of the Internet.

This situation has boosted the demand for competent Ethical Hackers and other Cybersecurity experts.

By 2022, there will be around 3.5 million unfilled posts in the field of information security throughout the world. The industry will increase by 350% by 2023. Therefore, the Ethical Hacking course will serve as an excellent professional launch.

What is Ethical Hacking and why should it be utilized?

Ethical hacking, also known as Penetration Testing, is the process of intruding/penetrating a system or network to identify hazards and vulnerabilities that a malevolent attacker may exploit to cause data loss, financial loss, or other serious damages.

It aim to improve the security of a network or system by eliminating flaws discovered during testing.

They may use the same tactics and tools as harmful hackers, but only with the authorization of an authorized individual, to improve security and protect systems against attacks by bad users.

State-sponsored hacking is a method for governments to get intelligence information on hostile states, influence politics, and other purposes.

In an era characterized by foreign wars, the danger of cyberterrorism, and terrorist organizations that pay cybercriminals, national security is perpetually at stake.

In addition, with the exponential growth of cybercrimes, organizations and enterprises require a method to combat the expanding danger.

The company’s systems are susceptible to malware because of security holes. With the advancement of technology, the number of viruses, ransomware, worms, and malware is growing, making ethical hacking a requirement.

What purpose does Ethical Hacking serve?

Ethical hackers assist businesses in determining which of their IT security procedures are successful, which require upgrading, and which include exploitable holes.

When ethical hackers have completed their evaluation of an organization’s networks, they provide corporate officials with a report detailing any susceptible areas, such as insufficient password encryption, unsecured apps, and exposed systems running unpatched software.

Organizations may make educated judgments about where and how to strengthen their security posture to prevent cyber-attacks based on the results of these tests.

Five Ways to Grow After Completing the Ethical Hacking Course

1. Choose the Programming Languages

C is one of the most fundamental programming languages and is also known as the mother of all programming languages.

This programming language serves as the foundation for studying UNIX/LINUX, as this operating system is entirely built in C.

Therefore, hackers must grasp C programming since it enables them to employ the open-source operating system Linux as they see fit.

2. Get Hands-on LINUX/UNIX

The open-source operating system LINUX/UNIX provides enhanced system security.

As an ethical hacker, you should be well-versed in LINUX, as it is one of the most commonly hacked operating systems. It gives abundant hacking tools.

Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, Kali Linux, and BackTrack, among others, are common Linux distributions. Kali Linux is the most popular Linux system that has been specifically modified for hacking.

3. Master the craft of being anonymous

The most crucial stage in ethical hacking is learning how to remain anonymous and conceal your identity online so that no traces are left and no one can track you back.

Often, an ethical hacker may not know who else is on the same network, and if a Black hat hacker discovers that there is another user, they may attempt to attack their machine.

Thus, anonymity is also essential for ethical hackers. Anonsurf, Proxychains, and MacChanger are the most promising methods for protecting your identity.

4. Acquire Expertise in Networking Concepts

Ethical hackers must be well-versed in networking principles and their construction. Understanding diverse networks and protocols are important for exploiting weaknesses.

A hacker with an in-depth understanding of networking technologies such as Nmap, Wireshark, and others can withstand the field’s hurdles.

5. Include Secret Writing in your Capabilities

For an ethical hacker, cryptography or secret writing is a crucial asset. Encryption and decryption skills are required for hacking.

Several components of information security, such as authentication, data integrity, and secrecy, utilize encryption. On a network, sensitive data is always encrypted, such as passwords. A hacker must understand how to detect and crack encryption.

How Can One Master Ethical Hacking Course?

1. Online Courses

Online learning accelerates the learning process. Before going on to more sophisticated procedures, they provide pupils with a firm foundation in the basics.

It provides flexibility, convenience, and cost-efficiency to both the student and the company.

2. Acquire credentials

In recent years, the certification’s popularity has increased due to its broadening applicability across industries and its capacity to aid businesses of all kinds, from tiny startups to big enterprises. Certification in this business provides several advantages. This includes an increase in income and work options, as well as enhanced career chances for people who have obtained certification.

3. YouTube videos

YouTube videos are a fantastic resource for learning new skills and boosting one’s IQ. It looks like everything is in motion, which makes sense.

Due to the vast number of people that see videos on YouTube, educational content is available. After seeing YouTube videos in this field, many individuals are researching employment opportunities in it.

Where can one learn Ethical Hacking?

Regarding this issue, ABC is the most reputable source of information. Professionals with decades of experience provide detailed video training.

Beginning with fundamentals, you will proceed to more sophisticated ideas. Everything is structured meticulously and gives a comprehensive comprehension of the topic.

After finishing the course, entry into this career will be rather straightforward. In addition, access to the forum and other teaching resources is granted for life.

Thousands of students have signed up for ABC’s online course to quickly master this topic! With the assistance of ABC’s daily, dynamic, and engaging courses, the most popular programming language may be mastered in a matter of minutes.


As is the case with other computer and network security professions, ethical hackers are in high demand, and as the severity and cost of cyber-attacks continue to escalate, this need will only increase. Ethical hacking course in Hindi

If you are a professional who likes the pleasures of the computer world and enjoys a challenge, a career in ethical hacking may be appealing.

You have the opportunity to utilize your expertise to hack into computer systems, for which you are compensated handsomely.

As with many jobs, it is not simple to get into the sector, but if you put in the first work, you will be able to create a highly prosperous career for yourself. Moreover, ethical hackers adhere to the law at all times!

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