Explore New York: 7 Fun Things To Do

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Anyone who visits New York is aware of the beauty of Times Square or Central Park. From little pockets of different neighborhoods to hidden gems, you can explore the city in so many ways and are bound to find opportunities for a memorable experience.

Get A Rooftop View Of The City

When you’re looking for a quaint night out with some drinks and a scenic view, you can find endless hotels and restaurants that have rooftop bars. Some are enclosed while others are outdoors, and you get an unbelievable view of the city. It’s especially beautiful at night when all the bright lights can be seen throughout the city. 

Enjoy A Smorgasbord At Smorgasburg  

Smorgasburg Foods hosts a delectable food fair in various parts of New York each week throughout the spring, summer, and fall. It’ll take some sleuthing to find the location for the week you’re visiting, but it’s worth the effort to discover it and navigate the crowds. Foodies can feast on some of the most classic and unique New York foods. 

Explore The Battery Waterfront 

New York has a plethora of parks and waterfront spaces, and one of the possibly underrated spots to visit is The Battery. You can find this waterfront park in Manhattan. Here you can take in some historical monuments, catch a ferry, or simply enjoy the fresh air by the water. 

Walk Through Greenwich Village

You can walk for hours and hours throughout New York, but one of the spots you should definitely spend a day walking through is Greenwich Village. The village is full of art and music history, stunning brownstones, and fantastically hip bars and cafes to take a break in. 

Get Playful at Luna Park 

Luna Park is a whimsical amusement park that can be found in Coney Island. There are numerous rides throughout the park alongside traditional carnival games and delicious carnival eats. The Coney Island Beach is also a short distance away, so it’s worth staying in the area for at least a day. 

Indulge At The Chelsea Market 

New York has so many places to shop, from little boutiques to high end stores. One place to indulge in some shopping that is a little bit more memorable and special is the Chelsea Market. The historical market contains a mall and plenty of food as well as some workspaces and offices. 

Tour Famous Spots From TV

Many of your favorite shows are filmed throughout the city, and you may find that you recognize a few of them as you explore the city. You can actually book a tour where you’re driven around parts of New York so you can see some of the most famous locations that have appeared on your television set. 

Final Thoughts 

There really is no shortage of things to see and do in New York which can be both exciting and overwhelming. Some of the most famous tourist spots can be crowded and overrated, so expanding your horizons will ensure you get the best experience out of your trip to New York.