Explore the Uniqueness of America through the Bus Window!

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Uniqueness of America through the Bus Window!

Taking bus trips is the perfect way to ensure you get the best a place can offer. While you are comfortably ensconced in your seat, all you have to do is look out the window and you can see the itty-bitty tiny details of your destination in glorious detail.

Perhaps this is the main reason why taking a bus is fast becoming the preferred way to travel nowadays. More and more tourists seek options that comprise bus travel to visit a place and explore its treasures. 

Keeping in line with this trend, there are many tourists that have started searching for destinations that are near them. Small, quaint towns of America are on the itinerary of many travelers now, and among some of these are bus tours in West Virginia.

Kenova – an upcoming hotspot

Kenova is a small city in Wayne County, located at the convergence of the Big Sandy and Ohio Rivers, in West Virginia.

It has an interesting name that is a portmanteau word – taking ‘Ken’ from Kentucky, ‘O’ from Ohio, and ‘Va’ from Virginia.

There are many popular cities in the US, and Kenova isn’t among one of these as of now. But that should not stop you from making a plan to visit this gorgeous place as it has many unique things to do that will make you want to revisit it again as you won’t be able to do them all in a short trip.

In fact, Kenova gained fame for being near the site of an aviation disaster that happened in 1970. A plane, Southern Airways Flight 932, carrying the football team of Marshall University crashed on a hillside. Everyone on board the plane were killed. In 2006, a movie, We Are Marshall, was made and released about this tragedy.

A Couple of Attractions

Bus trips in Kenova, WV, are certainly incomplete without a look at and dip in the Dreamland Pool. This was at one time the largest swimming pool, east of the Mississippi River, in America. It measures 250 feet by 125 feet, just about the size of a football field. Wondering about fatigue in the middle of a swim? Don’t worry! There are two cement floats in the middle of the pool where you can rest.

While originally there was a three-floor pavilion including a dance floor that saw many famous big bands playing, it was all destroyed in a fire, leaving some part of the facility intact.

Then there is the Pumpkin House. This Victorian home was built in 1891 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its claim to fame is the 3000-plus hand-crafted Jack-o-Lanterns that adorn it every Halloween. The owner of the house, Ric Griffith, also owns an old-time drug store with an authentic, fully restored early 20th-century soda fountain! Just imagine taking a gander at that beauty! 

If you are wondering about bus trips near me, do plan a couple of tours in and around your own city. You may fall in love with the simplicity of the small places in your own country.