Exploring Scholarship Opportunities for Indian Students Who Want to Complete a MIM

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If you are looking for options when it comes to a postgraduate degree that can help you in the business management world, you might want to consider looking into a MIM or Master in Management. A lot of schools offer it as a two-year study option but you can find some that can be completed in only one year. In order to find the best programs, you need to attend an accredited academic institution. These are mostly international schools, with many in Europe but some in places like Canada and the US too. Just some of those schools include;

● HEC, Paris in France
● Esade, Barcelona in Spain
● University of St. Gallens in Switzerland
● CEMS a collection of 34 schools around the world
● ESSEC in France, Singapore and Morocco
● IE Business School, Madrid in Spain
● LBS,in the UK
● Bocconi University, Milan in Italy
● ESCP in Berlin, London, Madrid, Warsaw, Paris, Turin

When and why do students choose a MIM

A MIM is a great way to get a sound foundation for different aspects of business management. It is a course students go to after finishing their bachelor’s degree, or after only a year or two of work experience. For that reason, students doing a MIM tend to be a little younger than those who apply to do an MBA. It is also more affordable than an MBA, it is shorter and by reducing how long you study you can reduce the costs of living in another country.

Scholarships and financial support

When it comes to support with the costs there are a few options you might take. Universities themselves ofter have support for different applicants if they meet certain criteria. That is something to talk to the school about. For Indian students, there are also options like diversity scholarships, region-specific applications and gender-specific applications to check out. The J. N. Tata Endowment awards a one-time loan scholarship to Indian nationals.

During admission that can be a time when scholarship options can be discussed. Sometimes a separate essay for a scholarship is needed. It is important to know that not all scholarships offer the same help. Some might just wave tutor fees, or only give a partial waiver. Some might even cover other monthly costs and some even include money for your return plane ticket. Some business schools have a lot of programs and some have very few. Here are some of the options for a few of the schools listed above.

HEC, Paris Scholarships
● HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarship
● The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship
● HEC Paris recommends these local scholarships

ESADE Scholarships
● The MSc Scholarship for Excellence
● The Asian Talent Scholarship
● The Global Marketing Scholarship
● The MSc for Global Leader Scholarship
● The Women in Management Scholarship
● ESADE Marketing Professional Challenge
● MSc Graduate Funds

ESSEC Scholarships
● Essec Academic Excellence
● Diversity of Geography & Profiles
● The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

IE, Madrid Scholarships
● IE High Potential Award
● IE Scholardship
● IE Scholardship for Diversity
● IE Women’s Leadership Scholarship
● IE Women’s Scholarship
● IE-AISEC Scholarship
● Business School Dean’s Award

London Business School Scholarships
● Masters in Management – Merit Scholarship
● Masters in Management – Merit Scholarship for Women
● LBS – 50th Anniversary Scholarship
● LBS Fellowship
● The Monica & Navin Valrani Scholarship
● The GREAT Scholarship – India
● David & Molly Pyott Foundation Scholarship
● Prithiv Ghosal Scholarship

London School of Economics (LSE) Scholarships
● Graduate Support Scheme
● LSE Masters Award

It is possible even if you cannot manage the cost of the studies yourself to find financial support in several places. You just need to be determined and persistent!

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