Interesting Facts and Comparison Between Early Cartoon and Present Cartoon

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The animation and cartooning techniques that were popular in the past have significantly impacted the industries. Cartoons were hand-drawn and only used black and white during the beginning of animation’s history.

Over time, these hand-drawn animations were eventually changed with full-color cartoons created using contemporary technology such as computers. When you’re a youngster, watching cartoons is a delightful pastime.

Nothing is more enjoyable than revisiting your youth’s most cherished animated television episodes and films. Despite the undeniable fact that cartoons have progressed significantly over the years, it has maintained the characteristics that first set them out as something remarkable.

The animation techniques used in early and present cartoons differ in many aspects, yet they are also very similar in several factors. Old-school cartoon put more of an emphasis on creativity by utilizing one-of-a-kind characters and storylines.

In contrast, present animations tend to emphasize three-dimensional photorealism more. Even if the most delicate animation styles have progressed throughout the years. The cartoons of both early and present had the distinct allure that continues to endear them to audiences even after all this time has passed.

It is not difficult to observe how animation has evolved throughout history, and it is also not difficult to understand how animation is still changing. So let us know the comparison between the two generations of cartoons.

Facts and Comparison between Early Cartoons and Present Cartoons

Despite this progress, certain things have been lost along the shift from one period to the next. This article will examine those distinctions while presenting some instances for your consideration.

2D Animation

2D animation

In the 1990s and 2000s, early cartoons were a mainstay of animation styles. However, in present times, it is usual to see these 2D cartoons inside TV advertisements or on children’s programs.

The phrase “2D animation” refers to a form of animation standard in the early half of the 20th century. The usage of two dimensions characterized this style of animation. Creating a 2D animated video is accomplished by compiling several hand-drawn pictures and photographing the finished product.

3D Animation

3D animation

The animation was created using 3D modeling, rendering, and animation techniques. Various styles, including keyframing, motion capture, and face scanning, may be used before or during a photograph to produce computer-generated images of the models.

This technique is often used to have more lifelike visual effects. An animated film that uses three-dimensional models developed on a computer is referred to as having 3D animation, also known as computer-generated imagery.

The creation of 3D animation may be accomplished via specific software tools. It can be achieved with relative simplicity through digital video editing systems.

Let’s start with the 1994 version of The Lion King. In this contemporary animated film, the characters have a humanlike quality that is typical of the medium. The colors in this film are also quite vivid. As far as the eye can see, there is nothing but a field of blue-green grass and an orange sky with a faint sun.

The colors in the new 2019 version of The Lion King are more vibrant. But it also has some of the original film’s hallmarks, such as the effective use of silhouettes to emphasize key plot points.

The 2019 version of The Lion King features more detail in every aspect of the animation style compared to the previous one. This includes fur texture, hair movement, and muscle action.


The Japanese animation technique known as anime is quite different from its Western counterpart. Compared to their Western equivalents, they seem more realistic and include more intricate designs.

Characters in anime tend to have exaggerated eyes and understated noses so that their emotions can be better seen. Anime series is a kind of Japanese animation that draws significantly on Japanese mythology, folklore, and culture; for example, some cartoons incorporate mythological creatures, domestic animals, and ethnic groups.

Godzilla is one example; the series has featured many monsters with roots in Japanese mythology and history. Simultaneously, there is Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle.

In contrast to Western cartoons, which exaggerate motion for comedic or dramatic purposes, anime emphasizes movement more. The goal of anime’s visual style is to make viewers feel something, in contrast to Western animation’s physical intensity and humor.

Anime’s exaggerated facial features and body language, including bulging eyes and spartan attire, effectively convey the characters’ emotions. While Western cartoons often rely on stock sound effects, Japanese anime will often have unique noises for each action.

Stop motion

Animated movies often use the stop-motion animation style. The animator will move an item, keep it in place until the film frame is rolled again, and then move it again. The stop-motion effect is achieved by repeatedly carrying out this procedure for each film frame.

Magic lanterns may project animated drawings onto various surfaces, often backlit transparent sheets or mirrored glass, giving the illusion of transparency despite the pictures’ origins on paper.

Animators working with clay typically have to make minor adjustments to the model’s form to guarantee a striking impression is captured in photographs.

early cartoons and present cartoons

Oil painting animation

Even though oil painting animation is seldom used in present cartoons, it is sometimes used. What works best depends on the mood you’re trying to create if the artist wants the audience to feel sentimental.

They may wish to use a nostalgic painting style, such as an old cartoon one. Animated oil paintings are a type of art that transports viewers to another time and place.

As a result, you may learn about events in other nations and reflect on what it was like to live during that time. Artists from different backgrounds collaborate to make oil painting animations. Unlike traditional animation, those who see these works fall in love with a beautiful setting.

Which generation had the best cartoon?

Everyone liked watching cartoons as much as any other child growing up in the 90s. The older cartoon had entertaining and worthwhile material, making it possible for people of any age to enjoy seeing them again.

Watching all of the early great cartoon programs when they were delightful for people of all ages was the path to happiness. There were many fan favorites on the list, including Scooby-Doo, Duck Tales, Gummy Bear, Dexter’s Laboratory, Tom & Jerry, Talespin, and Alladin, to mention just a few.

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Since the dawn of time, the craft of cartoon animation has been subjected to various shifts and developments. The creation of cartoon may take many forms, and each state has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the kind of presentation or message it is intended to communicate.

If you have a clear idea of the sort of cartoon you want to create, you’ll be better able to choose the method to help you achieve your objectives.