Five Best Pocket knives

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When it comes to traditional pocket knives, there are five to ten things that everyone should have. This is either a regular user or a knife that will be added to the group. Be sure to check the following from your shopping list:

1. Case Russlock

Introduced in 2000, the knife case of the same name is a special type of Ross, the founder of the WR case. The Russlock model has a bushing locking mechanism with a blade-based “tail” for convenience. Opened with one hand like a traditional straight razor, the Russell (Model 1953L) soon became a collector’s favorite due to its unique style and distinctive, aesthetic handle material.

2. Damascus Pocket Knife

The Damascus Pocket knife is a classic and popular knife. The knife was first made in 1963 when Damascus scientists planned to develop a durable hunting knife that would easily fold and take up less space than a normal knife. A year later, this model began to sell very well. Even today Damascus is very popular among the people.

3. Victorinox Fieldmaster

Founded in 1897, Victorinox manufactures comfortable and versatile pocket knives with a stylish design. With 15 jobs, from blades to bottle openers, scissors, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and saws, the Field Master will help you with everyday indoor and outdoor projects.

4. Great Eastern Cutlery Knives

For those who want to hold a knife as they did 100 years ago, Grand Oriental Cutlery from Tidiute PA is a great choice. These knives feature traditional knife-making techniques and high-quality handle materials, making them functional pieces of art. The spectacular style, including chariots, sculptors, and hunters, was quickly released and snatched by his fans.

5.  Boker Stag Trapper

These world-famous wooden knives and stamps have been made since 1869 in Solingen, Germany’s “City of Blades”. The real deer handle is beautiful. Spy clips and very sharp blades.

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