Five Successful Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn From

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Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, making it more difficult for marketers to determine how to distinguish themselves while planning their digital marketing campaigns. You should start analyzing what channels will work best for you and start working accordingly.

A successful social media campaign is a campaign which has high rates of engagement, and the most memorable and award-winning campaigns are set apart because of their creativity and innovation. 

The following are the elements of a successful social media campaign –

  1. Audience awareness

You should optimize your social media presence only when you have an understanding of your audience, and you should leverage access to digital data to understand the concerns of your target market.

  1. Ideal platform selection

The ideal platform for your brand connects with the target market.

  1. Data-driven risk-taking

You should calculate data-driven risk in your digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Constant learning and adaptation

The plan for learning and adapting campaigns is closely aligned with taking calculated risks.

Following are the five successful social media campaigns one can learn from –

Tell a Story with Emotional Triggers – Heineken

This story narrates a compelling way of focusing on a single person. The brand also uses political conflicts, constantly trending in the news to bring people from different lives together. Heineken first has the individuals state their point of view on everyday items such as global warming, feminism etc. The ones with opposing views were also paired together, and they had to complete several tasks. They were shown interviews of their opposite only after all the tasks were completed. After they watched the interviews, the pairs were also told that they could also discuss their differences or they were free to leave.

This particular video received more than 17.7 million views and it had over 138,000 shares. Heineken appeared in over 625 magazine articles. Stories can inspire an emotional response, and you should try more ways to introduce your brand to more people.

Create a Safe Space for the Less Glamorous Brand – Tena

Every brand needs to have a comfortable stance during a digital campaign. This discomfort can also cause many other brands to shy away from social media. However, Tena, a brand, decided to embrace its product/services by creating a safe place where people dealing with the same challenges can meet.

Tena is the brand that showcased the condition that those dealing with anything are not alone. The brand also took helpful sharing tips and used social media with various videos to get the message about the application.

The addition of a contest encourages engagement by asking the entrants to share a selfie and do the exercises. Social media platforms provide a place where people do not feel alone, and a single application addresses your issues.

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Multi-Channel Strategy – Single Grain and Eric Siu

It is a fact that it is never enough to have just one forum to share content; it takes multiple platforms and channels to build brand awareness. Single grain uses the CEO’s inherent knowledge and generates content that works across an array of platforms. It includes a marketing podcast, which he co-hosts on a different channel. 

He interacts with a series of entrepreneurs and leaders who share tactical ideas with marketers and business owners.

Single grain focuses on publishing fresh content on the blog at least four times a week. It also offers a piece of in-depth information in the form of articles. The brand is very active on social media and leverages relationships through collaborations and shows live webinars, and hosts speaker events.

Customers use different platforms; hence you have to do the same to reach out to them and convert them into your leads. Many individuals tend to respond differently to each type of platform. You can try spreading yourself across different channels, and you can reach them in the manner they prefer.

User-Generated Influencer Content-ASOS

ASOS is the company which created a campaign on Instagram which encourages customers to post images of themselves wearing ASOS apparel. This was a great marketing tactic to show off their products and an excellent way to encourage a lot of user-generated content. This type of content is free and showcases any brand through the appreciation of its customers. There was a great benefit of using the hashtag and it allowed the company to share those posts on their Instagram feed. The company also took some steps and added product descriptions to the posts. It also provided a separate section on the website so that people could find and click on the product for the sole motive of purchasing it.

It also used influencer marketing for promoting its latest styles as well as products. This is the strategy which allowed the company to create a portal for people who wanted to promote their brand. This proves that user-generated content is a great way to have access to exceptional posts which will generate sales. Hence, you should make use of a hashtag to track these campaigns.

Leverage the interests of your customers

You can make use of the common interests of your customers for your digital campaigns as it allows you to stand out in the industry. It is the approach used by Wholesome culture that is a fashion brand and this brand specializes in cruelty-free clothing.

This brand approaches the content with a few strategies which work well, this includes pop culture references as well as viral memes. This helps in gaining brand a momentum. Thus, it will be able to introduce content about its products and services.

Vegan diets are one of the interests of this brand. There are some helpful recipes out there that support the plant-based diet, thus making life easier for the customers. It also encourages them to adopt a vegan lifestyle. You should make use of your audience’s interests in your digital marketing efforts.