How to Flash Samsung E2252 Smartphone? 

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Are you considering flashing the Samsung E2252 Smartphone if you find it difficult to accomplish? Some people are confused between flashing and rooting. Here, you can find an answer to your problem. 

Firstly, we will discuss flashing. This type of Flashing is generally known as Android Flashing. Flashing is nothing but a method of modifying the version of the Android device’s Operating system. It is the process of installing a customized ROM, kernel, or recovery to improve an Android device to serve the choices of its users. 

Now, many people are confused about flashing and rooting. Both are different things. Let’s know the differences between flashing and rooting. 

Difference between Flashing and Rooting: 

Flashing and Rooting are two distinct operations to alter or enhance an Android mobile phone. Rooting refers to a process of acquiring root access or in other words, administrative permissions to an Android phone you can remove the limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on the device and have the ability to perform operations that are not allowed to normal users. 

While flashing a ROM means installing a ROM on your phone so that the original Android OS can be changed and updated. Key differences between rooting and flashing are mentioned below: 

  1. Rooting means gaining access to the core elements of the phone. While flashing means modifying the current version of your device’s Operating system. 2. The main function of flashing is to optimize the mobile system while the primary function of rooting is to delete some programs that come with the system and modify its contents. 

Features of flashing Samsung E2252 Smartphone:


We need to flash our mobile phone as it enhances the functioning of the device and keeps it up to date as well. Below are the features of flashing the Samsung E2252 Smartphone: 

  1. If one’s mobile phone is loaded with bloatware, flashing will help clear all bloatware in one go. 
  2. You can gain some new customizations and screen personalization alternatives if you are flashing your Android with a custom ROM. 
  3. It also assists get freed of the boot loop problem in some Android phones.
  4. Lastly, you can flash your phone to solve the bricked issue. 

These are the features of flashing samsung e2252 smartphone.

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How to flash Samsung E2252 Smartphone: 

It is a bit difficult to flash the smartphone but don’t worry, here I have mentioned all the steps to flash your Samsung E2252 Smartphone. You can follow the steps and can flash your smartphone too. To flash Samsung E2252 Smartphone you need to follow the steps given below: 

  1. To flash your phone, firstly you have to download the mobile flash file/fireware and pull it on your PC or laptop. 
  2. Then you have to install a USB driver on your computing device, if it is already installed then skip it. 
  3. Now, open the Mobile Flash Tool. 
  4. Then, select your boot. 
  5. Select Fireware or Flash file with a tool. 
  6. Click on the start button and power off your phone and wait for 10 seconds. 7. Then connect it to your PC using the Boot key. Now, the progress starts. 8. After downloading complete on a computer screen. Unplug the cable and power on and start your phone. 

So, here is the whole process of flashing your Samsung E2252 Smartphone. For more info, visit


  1. What is the main function of flashing?

The main function of flashing is to optimize the mobile phone system. It is the process of modifying the version of the operating system of the device. 

  1. What is the main difference between Flashing and Rooting?

The key difference between flashing and rooting is that flashing modifies the version of the device’s operating system while rooting gains access to some of the core elements of the mobile phone system

Flashing optimizes the whole mobile phone system while rooting deletes some programs from the mobile phone system. 

  1. What is the main advantage of flashing? 

Flashing helps to keep the system up to date. It is the process of installing custom ROM, kernel, and recovery enhancement. 


So, in the above article, we discussed flashing and all about how to flash the Samsung E2252 smartphone. But the most important thing is that make sure to back up all your mobile important data including your contacts, messages, call history, photos, videos, documents, and entire local storage because there can be full data loss while flashing. And one of the most important steps is to charge your smartphone before starts flashing. If the mobile is switched off when in progress then it will create an issue. Flashing Android phone relates to installing different kernel and custom operating system versions on Android mobile phones. 

You should be very careful and need to follow the steps carefully as a single mistake can lead to a boot loop. So, take care of it. Hope you all find this blog useful.