Why Officers Need Digital Forensics Experts

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Law enforcement agencies turn to digital forensics experts when investigations require data extractions from electronic devices. Data collection and management are invaluable to criminal investigations and could provide evidence to secure a conviction, and digital forensics experts understand how to complete these tasks without mistakes.

Avoiding Data Destruction

Investigators who attempt to extract data on their own make mistakes and destroy more evidence than they collect. An officer might know how to review apps for attempts to sell stolen merchandise, but they could overlook more damning evidence such as bank transactions where monetary assets are hidden. A digital forensics expert knows where to look for information and what data is most important to these criminal cases. They won’t make a mistake that leads to additional problems later.

Knowledge of What to Look For

Digital forensics experts get information from investigators about the case type, and when they start exploring the data, these experts know what to collect and send to the investigators. The extraction involves collecting all data from the electronic device, and the experts create an index for the files based on the information type and the dates on which the data was collected or produced. When managing digital evidence, the experts understand how to create a filing system that is easier for investigators to use and view the information.

Better Collection Opportunities

Digital investigators offer better collection opportunities, and the experts know how to create copies for the law enforcement agency properly. Digital evidence should be stored and backed up in data centers that give authorized investigators access to the data and prevents outsiders from gaining access. The agency can set up a centralized hub for authorized users to view and review the data for the investigation and determine what information is relevant to the case.

Securing the Chain of Custody

In all investigations the chain of custody is critical, and any mistakes could lead to the inadmissibility of the evidence. Only authorized officers should access the evidence, and there must be accurate records of any parties that accessed, moved, or reviewed the evidence. Any mistakes or violations of the chain of custody lead to the court throwing out the evidence, and the perpetrator might walk away without facing a conviction.

A Vast Knowledge of All Electronic Devices

Technology changes every day, and forensic investigators must stay up to date on all new technological devices used by any party. If they do not know how the devices work or store data, the investigators cannot complete their jobs effectively. They must continue their education related to the devices used by everyday people. Most police officers and investigators do not know how to work all electronic devices and will make mistakes if they try to extract data.

Digital forensics offers a faster method of collecting data from hard drives, smartphones, and other electronic devices. The experts who complete these tasks follow protocols that keep the evidence safer and provide access to authorized investigators. Find out more about these services and secure evidence from all devices effectively.