From Restaurant To Doorstep – How You Get 24×7 Deliveries With Foodpanda Clone App

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Foodpanda app clone is an intelligent app that brings together local restaurants and hungry customers on a single platform. Local restaurants see this platform as a medium to feed more customers, win hearts and trust, and importantly, increase the s! Whereas, the customers use the platform to treat their midnight cravings, get their meals on time, and save the trip to the restaurant. Now that is a whole bunch of advantages that businesses and customers look at from their perspective.

At this point, let’s just focus on what our headline says “wings to local restaurants”.

Foodpanda Clone App and 24/7 Home Deliveries

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear “food delivery app” is – anytime food delivery right at the door front. Now that is something very true about this app. But, what we fail to understand is how this system actually works. As a customer, the workflow of the app is seriously none of our concern. But for someone with the business idea of launching their own food delivery app clone, every microscopic detail means a lot.

So, here’s how this delivery app works:

  • Customers place an order

The customers will login into the app, go to the restaurant’s menu they want to order from, or simply search for the item they need. Suppose, the customers want to order a McRib Sandwich. Now, they go to the search box, enter the dish name, and press the “search” icon to get the results.

Easy? By clicking on the preferred option from the search results, they can proceed with the ordering process.

  • The store receives the order

The store receives the order placed for McRib Sandwich. Depending on their closing time, store rush, or for a pertinent reason, they can choose to “Accept” or “Decline” the order. Usually, if a “Declining” citation appears the customers already get to know it as the app shows – “The store is closed for taking orders at the moment”.

Once the store receives and accepts the order, the customer gets the confirmation notification saying – “XYZ store has accepted the order”.

  • The delivery driver is assigned

Simultaneously while the store is preparing the order, the food delivery app clone sends requests to the delivery drivers near the store. The driver who accepts the delivery request gets all the details on their app such as:

  1. Store address (pickup location)
  2. Customer’s address (drop-off location)
  3. Pickup ID
  4. Calling option (to the restaurant)
  5. Navigation option
  • Store hands over the order to the delivery driver

After the delivery driver reaches the store, they are handed over the order. At the same time, the customer too gets the notification – “Order is on its way”. Now, the delivery driver can listen to the voice note instructions provided by the customer. Moreover, the delivery driver can now see the order details on their app. In this case, it’s a McRib Sandwich! Alongside, they’ll also get information about the payment collection method.

If it’s a cash payment, the app will display collect cash, say, $14.07! Otherwise, if it is pre-paid, the invoice will mention the term “pre-paid” with a $0.00 next to it.

  • Item is delivered by the driver

The Foodpanda clone app provides the option of contactless doorstep delivery. Therefore, if the customer has asked for a contactless delivery, the driver will place the order at the doorstep, click and upload its picture on the app, and notify the customer about the same.

Once the customer receives the in-app push notification saying “Order delivered”, they can rate and review it.


Now that you know how the Foodpanda clone app works, it is time to launch your own. Because why not? This digitized era is screaming for seamless doorstep food delivery systems and by launching this app, you’ll be providing them with the same.

Get started today!


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