How can you improve the performance of your laptop?

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Your computer’s performance will decline as it ages. The performance of your laptop will depend on the software installed on your computer and how it reacts to your operating system. It is true that upgrading the software will make it faster. You can make a few small tweaks to your computer’s settings in order to ensure that it runs smoothly. Let’s learn about these tweaks.

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Let’s take a look at what you can do to increase the performance of your computer:

Update Windows:

Installing the latest version of Windows on your laptop is the best way to maximize its performance. Your PC will look for updated device drivers when you check for updates. This can improve the performance on your computer.

Disable unnecessary apps:

Some of the pre-installed applications on your computer may not be used, but if they aren’t disabled, they will consume system resources. You will usually receive a message asking you to upgrade a program that you have not used before. You can then uninstall the apps to make your system run more smoothly.

Clean Hard Drive

Unclean hard drives can slow down the computer’s performance, especially when it comes to accessing and loading programs. Fragmented files not only slow down access and loading, but they can also increase the load on your hard drive! Hard drives can be easily defragmented. It is best to first clean your hard drive before defragmenting any unnecessary files.

Check for Viruses:

Your computer may run slow due to a virus or malicious software. You may be wondering how to solve this problem. Continue reading to find out the solution.

Antimalware and anti-virus software must be updated regularly to keep you safe from malicious software and viruses. Your computer may still become infected even if you are taking precautions.

Windows Security is a free program that lets you scan your computer for viruses, malware and other harmful software. You can contact a local technician for more information if you require it.

Avoid Overheating :

If you overheat your laptop, it will slow down. To minimise heat, the environment where personal computers are operated needs to be cool. You can extend the lifespan of your laptop by having it serviced regularly.

Disable startup apps:

Disable startup applications: Did you realize that some apps run automatically at startup, wasting your system’s resources? Well, it’s true.

To speed up Windows you can disable any apps that start at startup or those you don’t use very often.


If you are having trouble loading programs, it is usually necessary to make some minor adjustments.

To maintain and check the performance of your computer. Check for malware, spyware or viruses that may be causing slow speeds or lags. If you still cannot see improvements after trying all the above, we recommend you to contact a local computer technician for help.