How do story visits help our page to grow

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Instagram unveiled a new feature called “Stories” in 2016, which was welcomed by most users. Instagram “Stories” is actually used to display users’ images and videos successively and is automatically deleted after 24 hours. Here’s how this fascinating Instagram feature grows your page:

What is the advantage of visiting a story?

Visiting the story has two very important advantages for us:

1.      It causes your page not to be recognized as a robot on Instagram.

If you have a commercial and advertising page on Instagram and you want to draw the attention of different people to your Instagram page with mass activities such as following/unfollowing different people, liking and commenting under posts, etc., and in this way increase your page followers.

 If you want to fully engage in such activities on Instagram, Instagram may recognize that you are not a human user because normal users do not operate on Instagram in this way; they check their followers’ stories, watch the posts in the feed, surf in the explorer, follow some pages, like some posts, leave comments for them and perform activities like that. For this reason, if you want to simply repeat these activities, Instagram may recognize that a robot is doing such activities and action block your page or even block your account. Therefore, you need to have a series of routine tasks that a normal user does on Instagram along with your activities to show Instagram that your page activities are not robotic and that you are a normal human user. As we mentioned above, one of the natural activities that every normal Instagram user does is check stories.

2.      Checking the story increases interaction and attracts followers.

Another advantage of checking the stories of different people on Instagram is increasing the engagement rate of your Instagram page and attracting followers. When you see a user’s story, you are among the visitors of that person’s story. If you are a stranger to that person, seeing your name among the viewers of the story will pique the curiosity of the owner of the story and they want to know how you are that viewed their story. Thus, they might visit your page and if you have provided interesting content on your page, they may like and comment on your posts, see your stories or even follow you. This means increased engagement and the possibility of attracting more followers.

Introducing a tool for automatic and mass story viewing.

If you want to see a lot of stories daily, you have to spend a lot of time on Instagram, and after a while, it will become repetitive and boring for you. Therefore, we have prepared some of the best bulk story viewing tools for you to use whichever you like if needed.

1. Virtual user bulk story visiting bot

Instagram story viewer bot can watch the daily number of stories for you with the settings you configure. This bot is activated on your system and does not need any special settings. The way how it works is that after running, the bot opens your system browser, searches Instagram and logs into your page, and then checks your stories.

2. Inflact software

Inflact tool is another popular tool we found. This tool was previously known as Ingramer. This bot is available as a web-based tool. This tool has various features for Instagram. Visiting the Instagram story is one of these things. Using this tool, you can see the stories of other users on Instagram.

3. IGMassViewing service

IGMassViewing service is for viewing Instagram stories. In this tool, you only need to link your account to this program so that it can watch all your stories. The tool also supports participation and voting in thousands of polls, sliders, quizzes, and question boxes.


In this article, we tried to talk about the importance of visiting Instagram stories. We have also mentioned the best tools that are more popular in the international market. If you also have an opinion or know another tool, share it with us in the comments section.