How Do You Know When To Paint Your House?

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Painting is an elaborate and expensive procedure. Usually, standard paints last up to 5 years or more depending upon the usage. There is a difference between exterior paints and interior paints. The coat of freshly applied yellow color paint in your living room can however liven up the space!

But since the painting process is pretty exorbitant, you cannot afford to do it more often. Nevertheless, the investment you do is worth the results if you have hired a renowned painting company Ottawa for the job. As homeowners, you may be often confused about when to repaint your house. So here is a guide for you to understand the factors that will help you to make the decision.

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Points to Consider for House Painting

Repainting your house relies considerably on the durability of the paint. The life span of paint is directly proportional to its use no matter whichever quality of paint you have applied.

Now, the prime question remains- when should you avail of painting services Ottawa?

  • We have a misconception that exterior paints fade away faster than interior ones. The scenario is vice-versa. Exterior paint has greater life as they are blended with additives for weather protection. For enhancing the aesthetics, you can always opt for painting services for fading or dirty paints.
  • If you have bubbles or peeling paint, then it is an assured sign of damage. Repainting can easily fix the problem by providing an all-new fresh look.
  • The stability of paint reckons largely on the quality of plaster applied below it. Smooth plaster finishes aid higher durability to the paint and so you are less likely to call the house painters Ottawa.
  • This is one of the most important factors- the amount of usage. When the walls are exposed to more use they tend to fade off more quickly. In other words, activities like touching, scribbling, scratching, and dribbling can lead to easier degradation of the paint color. If you have kids at home, you cannot escape this situation.
  • The type and color of the paint are also responsible for its durability. Low-quality and darker color paints fade away faster than lighter shades like yellow.

If you have deciphered when to paint your house, avail the best painting services in Ottawa for superior results.

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