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Nuuly Thrift, a marketplace for used goods, and Nuuly Lease Subscription Corporation.

I’ve been using Newly Rent as my subscription service for many years. You are free to explore around and purchase anything before joining Nuuly Rental and Review.

receive a taste of their services each month.

You sign up for Nuuly Hire, establish a profile, established your billing account, which costs $88 per month, and then select six wardrobe items to rent for the month.

Nuuly Review and Rental

Regardless of whether the same vintage retail price is $30 or $300, you can rent any six items. Additionally, you may have the option to select a monthly feature for “extra gadgets,” however you are only permitted to rent up to 8 items at once.

Once you’ve worn your clothes for just a month, you may either go back and return all six items in your reusable Nuuly bag with the included move lower once again label for a discounted retail price, or you can pay the discounted retail price & keep any that you love.

Digital Bag

In the resale market known as Newly Thrift, you can sell and buy gently used clothes from particular individuals who attempt to monthly upcycle their clothing. This section of the website accepts regular dollars and coins that can be used to purchase items from each individual URBN brand, such as Anthropologie, Free People, Urban Clothes Monthly, or on the Nuuly Thrift website.

Nuuly Thrift

Although I understand the discipline’s sustainability and have only recently begun utilizing their Rental and Review Thrift, I’ll probably concentrate my honest review on Nuuly Hire as I’ve had that membership for a longer time.

Join in right now: Nuuly rent is $88 per month when utilizing a nuuly promo code.

My Ideal Score For Nuuly Lease Is 9 out of 10


  • Every month, six new clothing accessories are released
  • Bypass once more label provided
  • Given reusable bag
  • The same thing could be rented again
  • No need to remove stains or perform a monthly dry cleaning before returning your items
  • No late fees
  • At any point, you can skip or pause
  • You could switch sizes
  • Results send a month-monthly-month day’s address if you’re moving about
  • Provided weekly new fashions
  • For perception, stylized look books
  • Antique, maternity, plus-size, and small sections
  • Large selection of coats and jackets Nuuly Rental, Review, or set up six-monthly with clothing are examined on a monthly basis
  • You’ll gather day-old, tagged clothing


  • Each day’s object availability varies
  • Domestic house window deliveries that are inconsistent
  • An item is occasionally worn when looking
  • Unreliable pal referral software

Garb Desire

The way that Nuuly Rental and Review maintain a balance between adding new alternatives while still keeping old favorites available on a monthly basis has inspired me.

The company Nuuly can observe what styles and measurements people are looking for on the internet as well as what devices they could be storing in their closets. Then, newly examines what inclinations are evolving using that information. The company changed its focus at the start of the pandemic to brief monthly offers of sexier and more comfortable loungewear.

Alternatives That Are Normal And Informal

We consistently preferred Nuuly monthly to be there for us every day.

Sky Pollard, Nuuly head of product

Currently, Nuuly offers a huge selection of designs from more than 300 manufacturers, including show-monthly late-night clothing from Love Shack Fancy, patterned clothing from Farm Rio, and citizens of Humanity jeans.

Even some outdoor gear is available, such as snow bibs, ski coats, and monthly shorts. Since Nuuly is a URBN brand, almost half of its monthly revenue comes from stores like Town Clothes Monthly, Anthropologie, & Free People.

When I originally started using it, I hired a month’s worth of free people and petite Anthropologie clothing. Now, Farm Rio typically the main item I put in my bag. I really like their Rental and Review since it allows me to rent items monthly while also learning about new brands and ensuring that I always have a few trusted, reliable gadgets with me.


images from the street fashion month that feature people organized on a monthly basis, and put on clothes another time.

Nuuly Transportation and Packaging

Your six products are available in a reusable bag. That zips up and flows into yet another bundle label each month. As soon as you’ve finished wearing your items for the month. You keep the items you need each month. And move the rest lower back by way of dropping the bag off at a US store each month.

If you order a coat or during the winter, your shipment from Nuuly Rental, Nuuly Review may also come in a container with a choice monthly bag, but you may also repurpose the sphere delivery.

Nuuly Pennsylvania facility’s devices

The equipment comes from the Pennsylvania facility of Nuuly. I occasionally receive my bag the next day and I reside in Brooklyn. Every so often, it requires two days.