How To Certify A Therapy Dog?

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Therapy dogs can provide comfort, affection, and companionship to people with extreme stress. Whether the patient is a student or a senior citizen, they can relieve stressful life with the help of therapy dogs. With their unconditional love, you can live a joyful life. You need to register an emotional support animal to get their affection & companionship.

Dog Therapy

What Is A Therapy Dog?

A therapy dog is a trained animal that provides support & comfort to people of different age groups. They assist people in everyday life, while the service dogs and emotional support animals directly help their owners with weak mental and physical health conditions. Therapy dogs can work in schools, hospitals, disaster sites, nursing homes, and hospices.

How Do I Make My Dog A Therapy Dog?

There are three basic steps involved in certifying a therapy dog:

  • You should look for a dog with an appropriate demeanor and intelligence to serve you as a therapy dog.
  • Provide essential training to the dog so they can offer comfort & support to others, including in group settings at several locations.
  • Register your trained dog as a therapy dog with the help of an organization—for example, Service Dog Certifications.

In this article, we will explain the difference between a therapy dog, a service dog, and an emotional support dog. You can even apply for Therapy Animal Certification.

Types Of Therapy Animals

Usually, dogs are considered therapy animals. However, you can view any domesticated animal with complete training to offer support & comfort to individuals and groups with mental imbalance. These animals’ presence is quite enough to calm the patient. These dogs get skills & training to perform various tricks to distract a person’s mind from negative thoughts. They cause a welcome distraction for the patients fighting against stress & anxiety. Apply for Psychiatric Service Dog Certification to enjoy the various benefits of your pet animal.

There is no restriction for dog breeds which means any dog can be a therapy animal as long as they are bright & intelligent and have a proper temperament. A good therapy dog follows commands properly and is dedicated to pleasing its owners. They are the patients’ best friends, and their smartness makes them good at being therapy and service dogs.

However, dogs have been considered therapy animals. Still, other animal species like cats, equines, and small animals (Guinea pigs and rabbits) may be used as therapy animals.

Do I Need An Emotional Support Dog Or A Therapy Dog?

A therapy dog or an ESA (emotional support animal) can comfort you whenever you need them. They are your faithful companion or assistant and are protected under federal and state housing laws. This means you can live with your ESA or therapy dog anywhere, even in the restricted pet society. To qualify for these powers, one must have an ESA letter confirming that you have a mental disorder requiring therapy or an ESA dog.

You must receive the ESA letter only from a licensed mental health service provider, as they are the only ones who can help determine that you have mental issues. You need an emotional support animal or therapy dog. Get an ESA letter for travel to accompany your pet while traveling on an airplane.

What Is The Difference Between A Service Dog And A Therapy Dog?

A therapy dog is meant to interact with other people and offer them therapeutic assistance. In contrast, a service dog helps its owner with their handicap. In general, service dog owners do not want members of the public to bother their dogs while they are working.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs are granted specific privileges, including access to public spaces, restaurants, hotels, grocery shops, and libraries. A service dog is taught to carry out particular tasks for its owner, who has a disability. A service dog, for instance, can serve as its owner’s eyes and ears, pick up fallen objects, fetch medications, “call” emergency services, and even notify the person of a dip in blood sugar or other symptoms.

If you have mental disorders that require the assistance of an ESA or therapy dog, schedule an appointment with certified health professionals to receive an ESA letter.