How To Choose Balloons For A Children’s Party?

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Organizing a children’s party is no easy task. At the same time, it is worth paying special attention to interior design – the mood of the guests and the overall impression of the event depend on it. Balloons are considered the most popular, simple, and affordable decoration for any celebration. No matter what color, shape, or size they are, this accessory is a win-win option for creating a fun, festive atmosphere.

Today, custom balloons manufacturers offer an extensive selection of different types of products, which is why it often happens that it is extremely difficult to stop at a particular option. Along with traditional balloons, modern models appear, for example, foil, made of liquid plastic, made in chrome, moving, in the form of favorite cartoon characters or inscriptions, etc.

The main criteria for choosing quality balloons

So that the experience of buying and choosing balloons does not become negative, you need to know a few basic nuances in order to choose not only the original but also the right option.

  1. Sound. It is important that the product does not make loud sounds and does not rustle like ordinary paper, this is a clear sign of poor-quality material.
  2. Smell. When buying cheap balls on the market, you can often hear a pungent, unpleasant smell of rubber or something chemical. The product is made of quality material and does not emit any odor.
  3. External indicators. The latex ball should not have a wrinkled appearance, in addition, if squeezed in your hand, it should remain the same elastic and smooth. If the product loses its shape and becomes like a crumpled sheet of paper – alas, this is a fake.
  4. Plastic. The main test criterion is that if a ball is stretched from high-quality raw materials, it does not deform and does not lose its original shape.
  5. Flight time. A standard 9-inch balloon keeps an average flight duration of about 7 hours, a 12-inch one – 12-14 hours. If these figures are lower, most likely the product is not reliable.

If, when choosing an air product, pay attention to the above points and follow the instructions, the client will be able to choose a quality product that will serve him faithfully for several days, bringing joy and a good mood to ordinary everyday life.

What balls are suitable for a children’s holiday?

First of all, you need to focus on the wishes of the main heroes of the occasion – the children. Of course, you need to choose something unique and colorful. Well for any matinee or birthday, sets of balloons with various inscriptions or in the form of some animal, as well as bouquets of balloons or the notorious bubbles that can be filled with sweets or tinsel, are suitable. The most important recommendation is not to save on this part of the holiday, because it is the balloons that create the right atmosphere and brightness of an unforgettable day!