How To Choose Good Glassware?

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All types of glasses have design features. Thanks to them, it is possible to have the drinks, revealing their aromatic and taste characteristics. What details should you pay attention to when choosing glasses?

Glasses: what are they and what are they used for?

Products of this type are cylindrical containers that do not have legs and handles. An exception is dishes for a latte and mulled wine, due to the high temperature of the coffee and wine drinks. Also, glasses are used to serve sparkling and plain water, juices, and fruit drinks.

Product Varieties

For latte

A Glass container with a volume of 150 to 300 ml has a handle and a leg. Depending on the parameters of the last product, they are divided into two types. The model with a short leg outwardly resembles a large glass and is the most stable and roomy. The version with a long stem is actually an elegant cup made of transparent glass. An interesting nuance from practice: such a glass has a standard volume of about 250 – 300 ml, but a much smaller amount of drink can be placed in it.


This family of products is designed to serve soft drinks, long cocktails containing soda, or regular sparkling water. Medium-height and cylindrical utensils widen slightly at the top, providing full disclosure of the components. It gained high popularity in the United States during the Prohibition period.

Classic highballs

They are made in the form of a tube. having a thick base. Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of products that can be cone-shaped, puffy, tulip-shaped, faceted, or polygonal. Materials for production are tempered and non-tempered, heat-resistant glass, crystal, and metal. Strict requirements for transparency, and smoothness of the walls. the presence of decor is absent.


A wide and low glass has a massive bottom and thick walls. Experts often consider it as a transitional stage between highball and old fashion. The volume of products ranges from 150 to 300 ml and averages 200 ml. The shape of the toggle switch is different: on sale, you can find straight, rounded, faceted options. 


Glassware, as a rule, is used to serve simple cocktails and budget whiskeys. Features of its design are not intended to reveal the taste and aroma of beverages. At the same time, long drinks and simple mixes like whiskey and soda feel great in them. For the manufacture of a custom tumbler, various types of glass are mainly used.


A tall glass with thin walls and a volume of 230 to 340 ml would have been created in the 19th century for serving cocktails, and soft drinks. Outwardly, it is similar to highballs and zombies, however, it has a number of its own distinctive features – the minimum thickness of the material, the absence of a thick bottom, an elegant elongated shape, and the frequent presence of decor on surfaces. Despite the height, the opening of the dishes is wide enough to drink without a straw and not spill the contents on yourself.

In addition to the classic rounded models, there is square and faceted collins used for juice, and cone-shaped collins, used mainly as containers for cocktails. In addition to tempered and leaded glass, they are made from crystal and practical polymeric materials.


  • Of all the elongated products with straight walls, this glass is the tallest and most spacious. Its volume averages 400 ml. It is customary to serve soft drinks, longs, and mixed drinks in zombies.
  • Old fashion. Low, thick-bottomed, straight-walled, wide-mouthed utensils were originally used to serve liquor with plenty of ice. In the modern world, a glass with a volume of 120 to 350 ml is traditionally used for bottled drinks, which contain no more than three ingredients.

The shape of old fashion is diverse: they can be round, square, six- or octagonal. The thickened bottom is not only decorative but also of great practical importance – it does not allow the ice to melt very quickly.

Classic old fashion, found in catering establishments, is made of durable rough glass that can withstand significant temperature fluctuations. Manufacturers also offer models made of crystal and plastic.