How to download YouTube videos

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So you want to download YouTube video? Although introductory YouTube only offers downloads for multiple designated vids in multiple named locations, there are ways for you to download any YouTube videotape at any time.

This composition will cover two ways to pay YouTube premium and use free Mac, Windows, or Linux operations.

Your paid option YouTube Premium

I’m a big fan of YouTube Premium because it saves my wife.
And for me, most of the time, advertising is a luxury, but it’s a luxury. You can subscribe to YouTube Premium for 11.99 per month (or $ 17.99 per month for Family Plan).
My favorite point is the complete lack of Google ads. No banners, no pre-roll, and no interstitial ads. However, if a YouTube channel wants to advertise on videotape, YouTube Premium will not filter out ads with these YouTuber beds.

YouTube Premium also provides access to background play and image, YouTube Music, and YouTube Originals. I’ve just used all three of these features, but they’re part of the premium package.

YouTube Premium also includes the ability to download videos. However, if you have YouTube Premium, your WebSurfer or your phone app will have a download button.
You can find your downloads in the Downloads area of ​​YouTube.

Note that YouTube says that downloads are maintained as long as you have an internet connection at least every thirty days. That way, YouTube can confirm that you are still a YouTube Premium Stoner.

You have not been given an easy way to convert this download into a usable videotape train on a desktop device, so if you want to use this videotape for anything other than offline viewing, you should Thanks for

The same is true of iOS.

However, if you have Android Stoner with SD card in your phone, you can set YouTube app settings (also tap on your profile picture, settings, downloads) to save vids to your SD card. ۔
So, download vids in a slightly usable format for as low as 11.99 per month. But what if you want a better result, and you want to do it for free? Yes, we have covered you.

Your (really better) free option ClipGrab

I had to approach the managing editor of ZDNet several times to introduce myself to the program. I’m already using it.

ClipGrab is a free program available for Mac, Windows and Linux medicine. The inventor says it is open source, but the source law is only available for Linux. In any case, ClipGrab jewelry.

Ethical, moral, legal, and sweet ideas

Now that you know how to download YouTube videos, what do you need? First of all, be aware that different authorities have different rules. Whether or not downloading a given videotape is legal, if you really want to watch it offline.

However, keep in mind that some countries have a concept of fair use, if you want to download a videotape so that you can include it in your products. In these cases, small clips of copyrighted media may be added to your product. But also, that YouTube has an algorithmic system that is looking for people to reuse vids, and your channel may go on strike if it re-uses the media.

It is always stylish to ask when there is suspicion.

Point your cyber surfer to and click the Show all download options link. There you will find download links for Mac, Windows and Linux. I will show you the interpretation of Mac in this composition, but the interface on these three is almost identical.

ClipGrab is easy to use.

Copy the link to the YouTube videotape. You can do this by clicking the share button in the URL bar of your cyber surfer or under the videotape.
Also launch ClipGrab. Make sure you’re on the Downloads tab.
Paste in the URL of the videotape you want to download.
Finally, click snare This Clip.

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