How to Draw A Cartoon Cowboy Hat Easily

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How to Draw A Cartoon Cowboy Hat. The Wild West was an exciting but dangerous time to live! It was a time of cowboys, bandits, and railroad robberies.

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Some of these elements have been exaggerated thanks to many Western films and books, but some elements are closely associated with this era.

We will describe one of them in this guide on how to draw a cartoon cowboy hat!

These hats are iconic aspects of cowboy mythology, and while recognizable, they can be tricky to draw.

In this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a cartoon cowboy hat, we will show you how you can easily create your cowboy hat using this drawing!

How to Draw A Cartoon Cowboy Hat

Step 1

We’ll start with the hat’s brim in this first part of your cartoon cowboy hat design.

This helps protect your face and neck from the sun’s rays but can be problematic when drawing.

We’re using two wavy lines that connect for this circle, but if they’re not placed correctly, they can look messy and messy!

The line at the front of the edge curves sharply and extends to the right of the image. The other line gets much more extensive and thicker, starting at the bottom of the first line.

It loops to the left of the image until it ends above that first line. Try to follow our sample picture, and then we can continue!

Step 2

This step of our How to Draw a cartoon cowboy hat guide focuses on adding more detail to the brim you started in the previous step.

This includes adding the hat hole, which would go upside down.

First, we’ll add smaller curved lines across the front of the circle to give it more depth. Next, we’ll add some more complex lines on the back.

These details we’re adding will almost connect the front and back of the rim we were working on, but they won’t quite touch.

This part can be more complicated than expected, so take your time and follow our example closely!

Step 3

The previous 2 steps in this guide were a bit complicated, so we will slow things down with a more straightforward element for this third step.

In this step, we draw the so-called hat band.

This small, thin, belt-like piece wraps around the hat above the brim. You can style it by adding a slightly curved rectangular shape to the top of the hat.

This will also include some vertical line detail. That’s it for now, and then we can continue!

Step 4

We come to the final stage of this cartoon cowboy hat drawing, and in this, we will draw the top and central parts of the hat.

Luckily, the last few details we must draw should be much easier than the first two!

We will use two curved lines for the top of the hat. The first line extends from the front of the band and extends vertically.

Next, we’ll add another longer, more horizontal curved line that connects to this one and then to the edge.

Cowboy hats often have a dent at the top, and we represented that by connecting these two lines like this.

After the draw, we’re ready for some final details!

Step 5

Now we have another easy step in this step of our tutorial on how to draw a cartoon cowboy hat.

We’re going to draw another crease on the top of the hat, and this time it’s going to the side of the hat. This crease looks like a capital letter C lying on its side.

Once you’ve drawn that crease, let’s move on to the final step of the guide! Before that, you could add a few ideas of your own!

You could draw a Western background behind the hat for a few ideas. Alternatively, you can draw a cowboy head with a hat if you’re feeling ambitious!

Step 6

Cowboy hats come in all sorts of materials, which means they come in many colors.

That’s good news for us because even if you want to keep this cartoon cowboy hat realistic, you have many options!

In our reference image, we chose different soft shades of brown to give the hat a leathery look.

You can choose similar colors in your design, but that’s entirely up to you! You can show your creativity by choosing your favorite colors and art media.

Your  Cartoon Cowboy Hat Drawing is Finished!