How to Get Your First 1000 or Above Instagram Followers?

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Instagram has become a popular social media platform for brands of all shapes and sizes to gain maximum exposure. However, growing a loyal and engaged audience can be a complicated task.

Whether you’re new to Instagram marketing or starting a new account, it is vital to learn the steps you can take to grow from 0 to followers. Keep in mind, time is everything and thereby, you need to set various activities to increase your following.

In this post, you will be looking at the best ways to attract Instagram followers and learn how to make the best out of every opportunity. So, let’s dive in.

1. Create High-Quality Instagram Content

First, ask yourself: what’s the goal and purpose of your Instagram content? What audience you’re targeting? Once you figure out these, you need to tailor your content based on audience and niche. Also, keeping track of engaging posts for competitor accounts is a good starting point for getting a clear picture.

2. Use Hashtags Strategically

Don’t use too much of hashtags your best and use them wisely and be selective to get desired results. If a hashtag has been used over 10K times, you certainly won’t be discovered through this hashtag. It is best to collect content associated with your brand, including UGC and influencer content, which in turn, encourage your community and give your account more visibility.

3. Boost your Posts

For more discoverability, you can boost your posts and run ad campaigns on Instagram. It makes sense for a blogger, entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses. You need a solid Instagram business profile and Facebook page, whether your niche is related to fashion, sports, or beauty. For real results, you can buy active Instagram followers to make your profile Insta-worthy and create a loyal tribe of customers.

4. Use Live Video Feature

Instagram’s video feature allows you to record and share live videos, or any other format that’s highly popular on social media networks. Live video is becoming a huge trend, so if something fascinating is happening, start rolling. You can post about an event, team birthday party, behind-the-scenes footage, or whatever your followers are looking for.

5. Set Engagement Goals

How many accounts you’d like to engage with in one day? How many comments can you manage to reply to? Set realistic goals and be genuine when commenting. It doesn’t have to be extraordinary every time, simply refer to an image or caption and take extra time to personalize your messages.

Wrapping Up

Last but not the least, you can leverage a high-quality SMM panel to buy IG followers and uplift your social media presence. Once you have built a solid strategy for engagement and revenue generation, you can combine your efforts with the SMM panel to increase your Instagram presence, with real and engaged followers.

Ultimately, you can grow your audience naturally if you put ample time and effort into building a quality strategy.

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