How to Help Your Child Concentrate: 8 Tips for Parents? 

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Being a parent also means you become a teacher and help your child acquire the right skills to learn in class. An essential skill they need is concentration or attention; hence you need appropriate solutions to impact these skills.  

The task of boosting a kid’s concentration capability can be daunting since most have trouble staying calm and focused on what they do. Besides, certain things can distract them easily. As the teachers give more homework and you expect the best knowledge and quality grades for your child, you have no option but to try a combination of strategies to help them concentrate.  

Here are eight tips to help your child concentrate on his daily activities. 

Use natural supplements to boost concentration 

You can use different supplements to improve the child’s attention and concentration. You can use omega3 fatty acids, cod liver oils, and other mineral supplements. These supplements contain ingredients to boost mental coordination, long-term memory, and understanding. Another latest supplement that is rapidly gaining popularity is kids. These gummies can help them deal with anxiety, pain, and limited attention. However, research more about these supplements before incorporating them into your child’s lifestyle. 


Schedule every activity 

Kids can get distracted easily; hence you need to create a clear schedule of their activities. You need to schedule time for sleep, games, television, and studying. The schedule is critical to ensure that they enjoy other activities besides learning. They should have enough time to rest and play to ensure they eliminate the boredom that affects their ability to concentrate.  

You also need to ensure that they have enough sleep so that they are not dizzy and drowsy in class. A good schedule for your kid should cover the whole and be consistent so that they learn how to do various activities such as studying even in your absence. 


Promote other healthy habits 

Various conditions can affect the ability of the kid to concentrate. Ensure you promote the best hygiene so that they do not suffer from illnesses that can impair their understanding or attention. They should wash their hands regularly to avoid germs that can cause illnesses. Moreover, they should be on healthy diets to boost their immunity and keep them stronger. Keep notes that they drink enough water, take the right diet and engage in other activities that prevent mental health complications. Furthermore, prevent them from listening to loud music on earphones as this can cause headaches and hearing challenges. 

Schedule breaks 

Kids have a short concentration span; forcing them to exceed the levels will affect their concentration. They can only absorb new content up to a particular point beyond which they begin playing or thinking of other irrelevant things. You need to schedule regular breaks for about 10 to 20 minutes. 

They can watch their favorite cartoon or engage in mind-expanding and challenging games before they resume studying. You can create a schedule whereby they study for 40 minutes and take a 20 minutes break. 

Utilize the SQ3R Method 

This is a technique to help the kids study and to measure the degree to which they understood what they were studying. The method involves Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. This method will help you guide and teach them the best technique to understand what they are doing. When doing a review, ensure they can recall what they read, and they should recite it fluently. You can help them in the reading and repeating part. The latter is critical to ensure the concept sticks into the brain. 


Make learning fun and interactive 


Parents can make learning fun by making it practical. Ensure they practice what they read through activities such as modeling, drawing, painting, or counting. Another method is to use video games suitable for learning. Video games will expand their organization, coordination, and problem-solving skills, which are essential for learning. You can also engage them in group learning activities with other kids, quiz them at every stage, and reward the person who gets correct answers.  


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Set a quiet study environment 


When your kids are studying at home, it is easy for them to get distracted by various things such as their favorite television show, children playing, pets running around, or someone walking in and out of the room. Therefore, you need to create a perfect study environment for the kids. It is also not ideal to have them study in the bedrooms since they can quickly go to sleep or begin to play.  


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  1. Engage them in kid’s puzzle games 


Ensure your child has a couple of puzzle games and you spend time with them. For instance, you can play scrabble and spend at least 10 minutes playing the games daily. These games will improve their ability to study by ensuring they are fully engaged and do not lose focus.  

The best games to improve kids’ brains require much attention and dedication, and they can transfer the same commitment to other activities like studying. You can also engage them in different outdoor games to change the environment while focusing on boosting their learning capabilities and skills. Ensure the games you select to promote their reasoning, analytical, and logical power and abilities.  


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They are different ways you can help your child concentrate as long as you select suitable approaches. You can choose a couple of the discussed methods to help them learn differently. The strategy you choose should suit your environment and the child, as not all these will apply to all children.