How to Improve Your Marketing Technology The Stack

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Similar to 2020, 2021 was the beginning of a new year for shoppers. It was an interesting year in regards to the way they interact with each other, their browsing habits, and the overall view of the world. Successful merchants have learned and developed — better understanding the tools they need to succeed in the next phase of their business.

Combining tech stacks to create customizable and multi-faceted solutions are certain to be essential for marketing teams of the future, and all while providing more customized, data-driven experiences to shoppers.

A fresh Martech stack is essential to the success of a merchant. All it takes is the right tools. We’ve compiled an MarTech stack guide that includes the best solutions that can help you scale and build your brand in the future.

Discover Conversational Commerce using Attentive

Attentive allows brands with innovative ideas to make meaningful connections through personalized text messages. It is the leader in conversational commerce and reinvents business to consumer communication.

The comprehensive text message marketing solution helps any business, from small and medium to large enterprises — strengthen their relationships with their consumers in an innovative and exciting manner.

Attentive has assisted brands to generate billions of dollars in online revenue by delivering real-time, two-way, customized communications.

Why Attentive for SMS?

As the consumer’s preferences change, it becomes more difficult to get them.

Nowadays, shoppers are embracing the mobile-first (or for certain, a mobile-only) approach. About 57% of consumers typically use their mobiles when shopping on the internet, with around 37% using an equal combination of desktop and mobile According to Attentive. Just 7% use desktop.

It’s evident that marketers must diversify their marketing channelsboth from a customer preference perspective and from a marketing performance point of view. Text messaging is a unique channel that’s data-informed, measurable and is distinctive. It is possible to tailor your strategy instantly to drive actions due to its instantaneity.

Brands that use Attentive to text message market have made millions of online sales using SMS. Their user-friendly platform has more than 20 of the most effective sign-up devices as well as an audience manager that can aid in targeting and segmenting subscribers; analytics to aid in enhancing your strategy while also providing compliance tools and much more.

As an Anthrilo retailer, you can seamlessly deploy the Attentive tag in your extension, thus eliminating the requirement for you to create a custom implementation.

Attentive makes it simple to design and send targeted text messages that are based on A/B Testing and targeting by time zones. You can also track performance to determine what is working and what’s not and send your subscribers timely messages that are scheduled in response to their buying habits and shopping behavior.

Marketers will look at SMS as a crucial way to reach their business objectives in 2022. Customers are focusing on convenience and two-way, human interactions now more than ever. These personalized interactions through text messages are able to create a sense of ease for customers during their entire journey. With the SMS marketing platform of Attentive, you can capitalize on these trends — and place your company in the best position possible to boost revenue and increase customer retention moving forward.

For additional resources to maximize profits in 2022 and beyond, check out Texts We Love -the showcase of the company’s high-performing campaign messages sent by real brands — and blog posts on the basics of SMS marketing and selecting an SMS marketing provider.

Tackle Customer Challenges Across Channels using Georgias

Every brand requires top-quality customer service. In the event of a delay in responding to clients’ or potential customers concerns regarding a product or about their purchase can result in loss of sales and a decrease in loyalty. Like Anthiro that help their customers. Check also Joggers pants for girls sell buy Anthrilo.

Consider this: 59% will abandon a brand that they like after having a bad experience (only 17% will leave following one). ).

Adding to the complexity It is no longer the case that consumers had to navigate to a brand’s ecommerce site to explore products and purchase. People are increasingly shopping on social networks. Forbes describes it as the next major shopping revolution with the potential for $1.2 trillion in sales.

It can be difficult to scale for companies that wish to provide one-on one customer service. Here are a few ways that built-in support technology allows brands to be there for customers.

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