How to Launch Cost-Effective Vehicle Marketing Campaigns with Custom Magnetic Signs

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Outdoor ads give brands amazing visibility. That’s why top brands still rent out billboards, banner ads, large custom-printed posters, and other outdoor advertising tools. However, these large ads are very expensive. Most small companies cannot afford to buy billboard ads or set up large custom-printed posters outdoors.

Setting up large outdoor billboard ads also comes with legal responsibilities. Businesses must contact their local directors of Outdoor Advertising. These public professionals have the right to grant, withhold, or revoke permits for billboard ads. That’s why small business owners prefer using another more cost-effective marketing tactic: vehicle ads.

What is Vehicle Advertising?

Vehicle advertising or marketing is the art of using your company’s vehicles as free ad spaces. Savvy brand leaders cover their company vehicles with custom-printed magnetic signs. Then, they drive these vehicles around the town, targeting densely populated regions. The more people see the company vehicles, the bigger the brand grows.

Vehicle marketing also comes with some legal responsibilities. But, they’re not nearly as harsh as the legal requirements of setting up billboard ads. Companies simply need to –

  • Register their company vehicles as “commercial” assets.
  • Make sure the insurance agents providing coverage for the vehicles know that they’re being used for commercial or marketing purposes.

That’s all brand leaders need to do to give their marketing strategies a sense of “magnetism.” Some well-designed vehicle magnets and some company cars – that’s all it takes to launch small-scale vehicle marketing campaigns. Here’s a more detailed, step-by-step guide.

Vehicle Advertising with Custom Magnet Signs

Firstly, you’ll need to buy your custom magnet signs. Find sellers who offer durable, weather-resistant car magnet stickers. Top sellers typically use flexible magnetic sheets to produce their customizable signs. These sheets can be peeled on/off vehicle surfaces very easily. These durable sheets are also UV-resistant.

Prepare Your Company Cars for the Magnetic Signs 

Before you attach any magnet signs to your company vehicles, make sure their surfaces are clean and dry. It’s always helpful to wax the areas of the cars where you’re going to place the custom signs. Also, clean the surfaces of the magnet stickers with water and a mild detergent before attaching them to your vehicle’s surfaces.

Designing the Custom Magnet Signs

Before ordering your magnet signs, you’ll have to customize them. Find magnet sign sellers who offer total customization control. Use the following techniques to custom-design your vehicle stickers –

  • Include high-quality pictures, logos, and other graphics on your custom stickers. These design elements catch the attention of people driving/walking on the street.
  • Don’t forget to add your brand’s logo, phone number, website, and email ID on the magnet signs. Don’t let these basic details take up too much space on the signs. But don’t forget to include them either.
  • Make sure the fonts and colors on the magnet signs align with your brand’s core design elements. When old customers see the magnet signs, they should be able to recognize your brand within seconds.

Once you have a set of good-looking custom magnet signs, attach them to your vehicles. Drive around crowded areas to give your brand amazing exposu

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