How to make your social media pages become more engaging and increase your audience?

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Have you ever seen a famous brand that doesn’t have social media profiles? Well, it’s almost impossible to find a brand with no social media pages. However, many businesses run social media pages but still have significantly fewer followers and user engagement. This blog post will discuss how businesses can make their social media pages engaging and bring in more audiences.

However, it is important to have an attractive website for your business. Whether you do online business or do physical business, a website can help you a lot. It brings you organic search engine traffic that generates leads, and you run your business more perfectly. Make sure your website looks beautiful and functions smoothly. You can contact any good and affordable web design agency to get a website. Let’s discuss below seven ways to make your social media pages more compelling.

7 Steps to Make Your Business Social Media Pages More Engaging

1.     Choose an Attractive Color Theme

Every brand has a theme for its social media posts. Let’s do a quick exercise. Search for two-three brands and visit their Facebook pages. We talk about Facebook and Instagram pages because they’re used for business on a larger scale. Every brand has a specific type of design they use in their posts. And all famous brands have attractive color themes, for example, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, IBM, etc.

Therefore, you need to choose a unique and attractive theme and colors for your brand’s representation. It should also match your business type. Imagine McDonald’s color theme is green and pink instead of golden and red. It would not look good with those colors. That’s how important colors are to a brand. Thus, choose wisely your brand’s colors. Your color theme is related to your logo. Let’s discuss it in the next section.

2.     Get a Stunning Logo for your Brand

Your logo should contain two elements: Creative Design and Good Color Combination. If you have these two things in your logo, it will look good. But how does it help your social media pages increase engagement? The brands use their logo as their display pictures. If it looks great, there are chances users will visit their profiles. Moreover, you use logos on your social media posts as well. That’s the reason your logo’s color theme should be good. You use the same color theme for your social media posts. We recommend hiring an expert logo designer to make your brand logo.

3.     Learn to Write Good Captions

Here you use the hashtags and short descriptions for your social media posts. It helps in good search engine optimization of your website and helps your brand to appear on the top search results page. We recommend hiring a social media expert to help you write better captions for your social media posts.

4.     Write Good Sales and Ads Copy

Colors and designs are essential. They are so helpful in driving better engagement for your brand. However, you also need good text–words that people will read and perform an action. Your sales and ads copy act like a sales agents for your brand. However, they’re essential only if your products and services are worthy enough. Therefore, you should focus on actually providing the best services and products to your consumers. If you do that along with good sales and ad copies, people will become your loyal customers, just like other famous brands.


Think of your favorite popular brand and try to figure out what makes you like that brand and what made you its loyal customer. Moreover, recall when it was the last time you bought something good after seeing it on Facebook or Instagram. How was that post designed, and what was written on it? Revisit it and analyze it to understand that. However, it doesn’t mean you copy someone’s exact brand strategy or anything.

5.     Post Videos on your Page

Picture posts are not enough; you need to invest in making high-quality video content for your brand that shows your services and products. We are here talking about video advertisements. Video ads are very important for your brand. It reaches more people compared to other ad types. Create good video ads and run them on your social media platforms as well as on YouTube. YouTube can drive high-quality traffic to your social media pages and website this way.

6.     Don’t Post Regular Content Unless you do this

Posting content daily and updating stories won’t help unless you do it all right. Firstly, your products and services should be great. If they are of high quality, people will buy them. As we said above, marketing is only good if your business is good enough. Therefore, updating content daily will only help when you do it the right way. You have first to make sure people know about your brand. If there are no or very few people on your profile and you keep posting content without any focus on marketing, you won’t get results.

However, we don’t say that you don’t need to upload content unless you got followers. Post content and then do its marketing. Don’t keep posting without doing its marketing. Unpaid marketing involves SEO, which you can do by hiring an expert. Let’s talk about paid marketing in the next section.

7.     Paid Marketing

You can do paid marketing on all platforms. You do it on search engines, social media platforms, and video sharing platforms like YouTube and TikTok, too. However, make sure your ads are entertaining. Your ads should not be annoying, they make people hate your brand. Most of the ads nowadays are not good. Moreover, big brands don’t even make good ads. If you manage to make a better video ad, it can help your business grow and give you an excellent ROI for your ad campaigns.

So, these are the 7 ways to make your social media pages engaging. Make sure you implement all these methods to increase your social media engagement and traffic.

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