How to raise a kid properly according to the science

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Almost all parents want their children to succeed. Different people believe in a different kind of success. Having a child is a huge responsibility. How you raise your kid is reflect on your kids behaviour. Parentres are responsible for their children’s Parents should respect their child’s feelings. A child gets self-love when they get praise, support, and hugs. If you want to raise your kid properly follow these tips that we mention below in this article.

Be a Responsible and Accepting Parent

Strong relationships are the key to happiness. Having a childhood who feels accepted they are more successful. Tell your kids about social values such as kindness, honesty, etc. teach how to exist in society. Parents are responsible for providing their children with a house, clothes, food, education, medical treatment, and all. Talk with other parents. What they do, how they handle their kids.

Teach them High Educational Expectation

Teach your child how much education is important, for leading a happy life children must be educated. Education helps in being self-confident and being a good decision-maker. Present yourself as a good role model so your kids can complete their education first. You expect your children to study through college. It helps to build a goal for higher study. In a child’s education parents play the most influential Only education can change the world because it is the most powerful weapon.

Support your kids passion

Research says children who have passion in life are more active in their life. It’s very important to support your kids’ passion. Discover what your kids are good at and encourage them, guide them. If your child loves sports, or dance, or singing, support them. If you follow any celebrity profile you can clearly see how they support their children. Shayanna Jenkins always posts her daughter Avielle janelle hernandez beautiful dance movement on her instagram account. She is a fantastic dancer and she might show her career as a dancer in future.

Spend quality Time

Parents need to show their care and love for their child. Make some time for your family, kids who spend more quality time with their family are mentally stronger. Take an activity together, build a positive bond. Help them study, go on vacation, go to the park, watch movies together at the theatre or at home. There are so many streaming services available. Where you can watch excellent web series, movies and cartoons. For example  Amazon prime, Disney plus, wcoforever. It’s one of the best websites for anime movies and cartoons. It will help you to build family communication and trust.

Teach Them Good Manners

Good manners are a very important part of our life. It improves how you interact with people, builds good reports. Manners show others that you respect and care about them. Teach them to say Thank You, Please, Sorry for these kinds of words. Parents are responsible for their child’s manners. Children who are not disciplined are selfish and lead an unhappy life in the future.


Be a good person, a child’s behaviour reflects how you behave with others. Respect others, respect your child’s feelings so they can respect you. Security, emotional support, quality time, and good role models are things that every child needs in their life. Follow those tips that we mentioned above in the article. I hope it will help you to raise a confident child with better social skills.

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