How to secure candles with the correct Packaging?

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Give the candles the proper protection, structural strength, design freedom, smooth exterior factors, different styles, size, etc. Thus, rigid boxes provide all these things and secure your candles.

The candles’ purpose is not only to produce light but also to decorate. They burn and produce soothing feelings in the house sometimes; it gives the most natural feel.

If you own a small business or want to gift someone candles, you must wrap them properly. After all, candles are delicate items. Put the candles in bubble wrap, then do the packaging. That is such a time-consuming process. isn’t it? For that purpose, many markets use rigid packaging for candles that gives good looks plus safety to your candles.

Rigid box is known as set-up boxes when received by the manufacturer. It does not require any other kind of investment. With these boxes, you can secure your candles for shipping, environmental and other purposes.

Why are rigid boxes suitable for candles?

This type of packaging, also known as gift boxes, are recommended in every market to pack delicate and high-demand items. It is made up of thick paper board for the best protection. There are many advantages of using custom candle boxes and these boxes have a fantastic fan impression on the customers with their wow look.

The use of rigid material goes back centuries, but now it is widely used for quality and ability to handle the weight and provide physical protection. However, they increase the shelf life of the product.

The importance of rigid box for candles is somehow uncountable. It has many factors that secure your candles from environmental factors.

Give your candles proper protection

Candles are somehow fragile items. It needs proper protection. In That case, rigid boxes are the winning option. It is built from creative papers glued or laminated to the chipboard contour.

Therefore, they are much harsher than other boxes.

If you pack your candles in rigid boxes, it protects them from external factors like dust, moisture, etc. That can protect your candles from the heat also. That proves that your candle feels secure.

Are reliable in looks

A designer box stole the attention as compared to plane boxes. These boxes give your candles a pleasing appearance that increases the receiver’s curiosity.

Rigid boxes seem to be perfect for candles. It brings a luxurious taste and feels, making your candles look classy. Their neatness and glittering win everyone’s hearts. On the other hand, it protects the s product during transport. Rigid packaging is supposed to be more durable: in terms of looks and materials.

Wide range of styles and sizes

rigid box can be manufactured in various styles and sizes nowadays. Let your customers decide the looks and colors so they can customize candles according to their requirements.

Rigid packaging can be large or small, rectangular or triangular, and round or elliptical. They have formed on the bases of lift-of-lid (LOL) boxes.

Design freedom:

The only protection is not enough; it is essential to provide different designs as well. Rigid boxes give freedom in shape, material, use of accessories, and overall presentation.

Because of design freedom, it is widely used in jewelry, cosmetics, watches, chocolate, pottery, glassware, and obviously in candles.

Alternative use when it’s empty:

After your candle is received, used now what about the candle box? Instead of throwing it in the dustbin, it is more efficient to use it for other purposes. Customers also like those types of things that they use for alternative purposes.

There are a variety of uses you can do with rigid candle boxes, like use them for art projects, protect your floors, build a fort, use them for storage, etc.

80% of material is recyclable

One of the main things that everyone asks sooner or later is, “is this recyclable?” Hence proved that every customer wishes for a box that can be reused.

About 80% or more of this material is recyclable in rigid boxes. This way, the receiver knows how much you care about recycling and the earth’s greenness. That sounds like an excellent way to win someone’s heart.

All products have their strengths and weaknesses. Although in a world where packaging waste is a global environmental problem, The ‘greenness’ of the box is essential.

Smooth exterior surface:

Suppose a customer is attracted to the rigid boxes of candles, but when they come close and touch the product, they expect a smooth exterior instead of a harsh one. In the outcome, rigid boxes provide a friendly and smooth exterior surface to the candles that increase their demand.

Also, flexible packaging requires less water or energy to manufacture and deliver. It generates a minor quantity of greenhouse gases on its path to market. In this way, water is consumed less and sent to landfills.

No need for extra effort:

When you borrow rigid boxes, you must consider additional expenses like graphics. But you don’t have to worry because there is no need for that. Appearance can also be achieved with elegant, printed lettering and logos.

Final thoughts:

There are many ways to secure candles with the rigid box used today. It includes proper protection, looks, recyclable material, and graphics. Design versatility, accessories, and physical protection secure your candles and delight the users.

Although, it is advisable to keep the candle box away from heat. A few facts about rigid boxes are that it is costly compared to other boxes. It has a considerably higher footprint, and so on.

It is highly recommended to use rigid packaging for candles to get full appreciation from the customers. If a box offers to handle the weight, physical strength, and high value, why settle for less than this?