How to stand out from other restaurants in your area

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How to stand out from other restaurants in your area

Competition in the restaurant industry is good for customers because they can select from various dishes. However, the same competition that offers customers options makes it challenging for small community restaurants to keep up.

Of course, offering great food is always a no-brainer. However, restaurants must also provide something unique and elevate customers’ experiences.

The great news is that restaurants can use technology such as best QR code contactless digital menu to improve customer experiences and boost automation processes in staffing, inventory, online ordering, payment, and more.

Depending on your target market and overall restaurant theme, there are plenty of different ways to stand out from other restaurants in your area. Here are some of the best examples to stand out from the competition.

1.     Know your edge over other restaurants

To stand out from other restaurants, you must first know what sets you apart from other restaurants: is it your staff, or is it the ambiance?

This way, you know how you stand in the competition and your restaurant position.

To know your edge over other restaurants, listen to your customers. A little rapport from customers goes a long way. You can also incentivize customer feedback with a discount or voucher to encourage them to leave their options. Aside from that, you can also offer a QR code menu for an interactive ordering process and convenient transaction.

Knowing how your customers perceive your restaurant, products, and services allows you to take advantage of your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. It also gives you a perspective on creating effective marketing solutions for your customers.

2.     Engage with the community

Especially if you’re a small community restaurant, every bit of engagement is essential. Build a relationship with your immediate community because they’re your primary customers. Once established in the community, you can expand to other communities.

Many communities hold food fairs or events, which are great opportunities to introduce yourself and engage with the community. Setting up a booth to offer free samples of your food and beverage can be effective.

Engaging with community fairs and local events is putting yourself on the market. It improves your visibility in your immediate market, boosting your potential sales growth simultaneously.

3.     Launch social media marketing strategies

Social media is a powerful tool that can boost your restaurant’s presence beyond our community. In some instances, some people from faraway cities visit the neighborhood to dine in your restaurant.

While some restaurants may want to create a one-hit viral social media post, it can be more sustainable to diligently post about your restaurant, products, and services and boost it to your target audience.

This way, you build a loyal customer base rather than dining in your restaurant just for hype. It also establishes your restaurant as a staple go-to in the community, which can help you stand out from the rest in the long run.

4.     Offer loyalty programs

Loyal customers are important in standing out from other restaurants in your area. They are a guaranteed stream of income, even when there may be new restaurants that pop up in the community.

Value your loyal customers with a customer loyalty program that lets them take advantage of exclusive perks and services. Restaurants can offer early access to menus, discounts, or complimentary meals during birthdays.

Returning customers are just as important, if not more important, than new customers, so make sure to boost customer retention in your restaurant. Ensure their feedback as loyal customers are heard and considered in improving restaurant operations.

Use a QR code menu to stand out from the rest

The restaurant industry is moving toward digital solutions, so make sure to stay caught up! Use a QR code menu in your restaurant operations, too!

Luckily, there is plenty of QR code menu software online, with some even offering up to a 14-day free trial to test out their features before committing to their plans full-time.