How to Use a Nicotine Free Vape to Quit Smoking

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Some people are confused by the idea of a nicotine free vape. But there are actually many benefits to switching to a vape that contains no nictotine. It can be satisfying while also helping you kick your smoking habit.

Benefits of Using a Nicotine Free Vape

There are so many benefits to using a nicotine free vape. The first, of course, is reducing your nicotine intake, meaning you will no longer be inhaling toxins. Most e-liquid is made out of food-grade ingredients, making it a much healthier habit.

With the lack of nicotine, these vapes are also non-addictive. This will reduce cravings and make you less reliant on smoking or vaping. It can be stressful wondering when you’ll have a chance to smoke next and it can be frustrating creating a schedule around needing smoke breaks. It’s definitely freeing to use a nicotine free vape.

Vape with zero nicotine comes in an abundance of tasty, satisfying flavors, whether you want something sweet or calming. You can satisfy sweet cravings without feeling any guilt over the presence of nicotine. Just sit back and enjoy the flavors without taking a hit to your health.

Of course, you can’t just jump right into nicotine free vaping. But we have some tips for switching to a nicotine free vape with ease, allowing you to stay healthy and stay in control.

Gradually Reduce Your Nicotine Intake

You are probably using a vape with high nicotine strength or are even still smoking. The idea of not using nicotine at all may be a bit overwhelming and it may not even feel possible. But it is! The key is to slowly reduce your nicotine consumption over time, gradually decreasing the amount of nicotine in your vape.

Pick a pace that suits you. You don’t have to rush it. You’ll realize that eq-liquids are available in a wide range of strengths, allowing you to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine you’re consuming. Don’t drop down too suddenly.

When you’re at a lower nicotine strength, consider using a more powerful vaping device. This can make the experience more satisfying even if there is less nicotine present.

Recreate the Nicotine Experience

Definitely don’t feel ashamed if you don’t want to give up the experience of smoking nicotine. You may like how it tastes or how it feels in your throat. Luckily you don’t have to give this up to quit smoking. There are actually nicotine free vape options that recreate this experience and provide that “throat hit” you crave.

A throat hit is that unique feeling when the inhaled vapor hits the back of your throat. This can sometimes be weakened with less nicotine present. But there are zero-nicotine vapes and low-strength e-juice that can satisfy that craving. Choose a flavor with menthol or minty flavors. Coolants can mimic that indescribable feeling. Citrus flavors and spicy flavors can also recreate the sensation of nicotine.

Find a Support System

It can be hard to quit smoking alone. While having a thought-out process for reducing your nicotine intake is an amazing start, sometimes you need a support system to keep you motivated or hold you accountable. Sometimes you just need someone to lean on when you’re feeling stressed or fighting off a craving.

One great way to get support is finding a person or even a group of people that are looking to quit smoking or using vapes with nicotine. You can go through the process together, giving each other advice and checking in each week. If you don’t have friends that are looking to quit, you can find online or in-person support groups.

A therapist or coach is another great way to get some much-needed support. This is an unbiased person who is there to help you along your journey in whatever way works best for you.

You can also find a friend group that is not interested in smoking. Being around people who are not taking smoking breaks or passing around nicotine vapes can be very helpful when trying to kick a habit. You won’t be tempted or pressured. You will also discover stronger connections with people that have similar interests to your own.

Choose the Right Equipment

Not every nicotine free vape is the same. You want to choose the right hardware that inspires you to stay away from nicotine and creates a satisfying experience.

Vape shops will often have multiple options and will be able to tell you which device is right for you. If you’re a lighter smoker, you may like a smaller vape pen or pod system. Heavier smokers sometimes like a pod system or mod. Each vape has various features to keep in mind as well, like adjustable airflow for larger hits or stronger hits.

You also want to pick out the right liquid. Like we said earlier, you want to pick flavors that help sooth your cravings like mint or citrus. Cyclone Pods also has a nicotine-free tobacco-flavored disposable. It will last for days and days, providing you with the smoky tastes you crave without the guilt of inhaling nicotine.

The Thunder Mint Starter Kit by Cyclone Pods can help you get started with a brand new system. It comes with the device itself, a USB to micro USB charging cable, and a single mint pod. The strong mint flavor will satisfy your craving and it has a long battery life, allowing you to satisfy your cravings whenever, wherever.