How To Solve HP Printer Not Printing Black Issue?-Read Here

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When you are attempting to print your urgent document using the HP Printer, but unfortunately, the printout you receive is completely blank. It can be dreadful as there will be no point in having an HP Printer if it doesn’t print or serves poor-quality printouts. Basically, HP Printer is to be considered among most users because of its top-quality printing solution. But, what if HP Printer is Not Printing Black, even when sufficient black ink is installed in the cartridges? Pulling your hair or wagging it off is not a solution. Buckle-up! Make your HP Printer print black again using simple troubleshooting tips discussed in this tutorial. The one-stop solution is at your fingertips. Thus, continue to read!

Probable Reasons For HP Printer Not Printing Black Issue

The list of why HP Printer Won’t Print Black is provided underneath. Have a brief look:

  • Empty/insufficient black ink in the cartridge.
  • Clogged Printhead
  • Unsupportive ink cartridge
  • Outdated Driver installed against your printer
  • Black ink is probably not enabled

Basic Fixing Guide To Quick-Solve HP Printer Not Printing Black

It is clearly shown above that there is a range of reasons why is HP Printer Not Printing BlackAnyways, according to its feasible causes for the appearance of such an issue, we’ll try to fix it soon. Check the below-enumerated solving techniques to get your printer fully functioning in the blink of an eye. Have a glance:

Fixing Guide 1: Check The Printhead And If Required Clean It

HP Printers with clogged printhead nozzles won’t print in black. Thus, it is important to immediately check your printhead and ensure it’s not blocked with dust or anything else. If the nozzles are really blocked, clean them. Though, how you clean a printhead can vary slightly depending on the HP Printer models, we offer the required guidelines:

  • Open the HP Printer’s control panel
  • Go to the “Maintenance” menu
  • Select a “Deep Cleaning” or “Clean Printhead” option

Once you clean the blockage, you can resume the print job without any hindrance.

Fixing Guide 2: Check The Ink Level

When your HP Printer is Not Printing Black, checking the ink level is also the most possible solution to get rid of this problem in no time. Therefore, make sure the cartridge is not completely out of ink. If it is so, replace the black ink cartridge ASAP.

For that, you have to open the printer control panel’s ink level indicator. If you see an exclamation mark on the ink level indicator, it ensures that the cartridge is running low/empty ink. So, replace the black ink cartridge with the genuine one and then start striving to print. Hopefully, this time the printer won’t stop printing; it works flawlessly and delivers quality printouts.

Fixing Guide 3: Align The Printhead

The HP Printer may not print as you expect if the alignment of the printhead is not correctly calibrated. In that case, only after calibrating the printer just by aligning its printhead will solve your HP Printer Won’t Print Black problem. On the Printer Maintenance or Tools Control Panel menus, you can see the “Align Printhead” option. By selecting this option you can adjust accordingly and then attempt to print just to check if it works or not.

Fixing Guide 4: Run Printer Troubleshooter

Running the printer troubleshooter is the easy solution to exterminate the HP Printer Not Printing Black issue. It usually scans for the issues and resolves them at the same time. So, it’s a quick and straightforward resolution method. Let’s do it!

  • First, open the Windows Search box
  • Enter the “Printer” in the search field and select “Printers & Scanners”
  • After that, select the “Troubleshoot your printer” option.
  • Now, choose your HP Printer model from the appeared list of printers in the troubleshooter’s window.
  • Now, press the “Next” button to run and fix the printing problem that you have been experiencing since a day ago.

Fixing Guide 5: Update The Printer Driver

The Driver installed against your HP Printer probably goes out of date that’s why your HP Printer is Not Printing Black. So, if your printer stops printing in black, check the printer driver. Make it up to date with the latest version via browsing the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, you can use Device Manager to update your driver with no complications. Here’s how:

  • Open “Device Manager” if you have the INF file already on the computer
  • Click the driver category to expand the menu.
  • Now, opt for the relevant driver and right-click on it.
  • Select the “Update Driver” option.
  • Follow the on-screen wizard to finish updating your Printer driver.

Wasn’t This Helpful? Contact Our HP Printer Support Team

Don’t feel disheartened! In case, you have comprehensively implemented all the aforementioned troubleshooting guides but still HP Printer Not Printing Black. We have the most talented team of tech specialists to tackle your problem and solve it within a pinch. Contact us via HP Printer Helpline Support Number and let us know what actually you confront during the printing function. We’ll surely sort it out soon and hence you can hassle-freely print your document in completely black or color ink.