Implementing Click-to-Call across Multiple Platforms: Challenges and Solutions

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What is a click-to-call service in India?

The click-to-call service in India is a popular technology that enables prospective buyers and existing customers to call a business quickly. It is a call button — a widget strategically placed on the website or app that, when clicked, provides the callers’ details to the agents who call them back to respond to their queries. It initiates a call directly from the website or the app, whichever platform the user uses, and the business receives the caller’s details. The software is one of the easiest ways to enable inbound leads to connect with a company.

Click to call India is a cost-effective, secure, and effortless way for customers to contact a business. But implementing this helpful technology has many implications, which can become

a hindrance in the way of a company in delivering an enhanced CX. Companies can integrate the software on multiple platforms, but they need to overcome the various challenges in customer communication. Let’s discuss the top challenges that come with implementation of the click-to-call in India services.

Challenges & Solutions

Omnichannel experience:  The click-to-call service in India needs seamless integration services to ensure optimum performance irrespective of the device or the platform. Today customers need omnichannel support services. They need the flexibility to choose any platform to connect with a business. Customers seek easy and cost-efficient ways to connect with a company and need a unified call experience. The click-to-call India software is ideal for businesses to enable their customers to communicate with them easily.

Top cloud telephony companies like Knowlarity take full responsibility for software integration and implementation and provide post-sales services. They ensure that the software works seamlessly on all the platforms and enable users to use the software to connect with the business quickly. So, companies must adopt an omnichannel support services strategy to provide high customer satisfaction.

CRM integration: It’s best to have access to consolidated data on the customer journey to offer an enhanced CX. Unified data and using it in real-time will enable agents to offer high-quality customer support and provide high customer satisfaction. Click-to-call service in India allows users to imply their interest in a product or service or let the company know about their interest in connecting with it. The software’s integration with the company’s existing CRM can help a business to offer an enhanced CX. But sometimes integration can be a problem, and lack of access to CRM data can reduce the agents’ efficiency. Relying on an experienced loud-telephony company will be a prudent choice as businesses can leverage the experience of a reputed company and get flawless CRM integration with click-to-call services.

Security: Data security is a top concern as the click-to-call solution requires customers’ details to enable the agents to call them back. Data transmission over the web comes with the threat of data breaches. So the click-to-call solution implementation must be accompanied by all the data security measures to prevent privacy violations. Choosing a click-to-call solution in India company that offers software with data encryption features offering zero data leakage is vital. It will help the business provide data security and win the customers’ trust. They can prevent reputational damage and continue the lead generation process without any privacy invasion concerns.

Software integration cost: Often, companies are concerned about the growing costs of the software solution and the additional cost of implementation into their systems. But choosing a reliable and experienced click-to-call service provider can enable you to get the click to call India at competitive prices. Moreover, they offer free integration services and help you get leads through all your digital products on which the click-to-call widget is enabled.


A click-to-call solution is useful software that allows businesses to provide customers and prospective buyers with an easy way to connect. Relying on an experienced cloud telephony company will help enterprises to overcome the challenges of integrating the software on multiple platforms and provide the best practices for optimum utilisation of the software.

If you look forward to connecting with a reputed click-to-call service in India, you can consider Knowlarity. It is a leading cloud telephony company offering software at competitive prices. It helps businesses adopt the technology with minimal downtime, and companies can start using the software to speed up their lead-generation process.