Important Facts About The Brevard Public School System

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Brevard Public Schools rank superior to neighboring school districts, offering great educational opportunities for children of all ages, from pre kindergarten on through college.

Around 73,000 students attend Brevard Public Schools. The local school distract remains the largest employer in the county with over 9,000 employees. There are 86 schools in the district, 17 special centers, and 9 charter schools in 17 municipalities. In 2011, 6 of Brevard’s public schools were ranked amongst Florida’s top 10 schools, outpacing 2,800 schools.

The mission of all Brevard Public Schools is: “To serve every student with excellence as the standard.”

Top Rated Schools In Brevard County

Brevard County outranks most surrounding public school districts, scoring a 7 out of 10 overall, although many schools in the district rank an 8+. Nearby districts of Osceola and Indian River only score a 5.

-Edgewood Jr/Sr High School is the top ranked school in Brevard, ranking #4 in all of Florida and #30 nationally. It is located in Merritt Island and enrolls students between 7th and 12th grade. Graduation rates are 99%, with a college readiness score of 95.

-Westshore Junior Senior High School is another top rated school taking the #8 spot for best schools in all of Florida and #54 in the nation. Westshore is located in Melbourne. Graduation rates are at 100% with a college readiness score of 89.8.

-Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School is ranked #38 in Florida. It is located in Cocoa Beach and has a graduation rate of 90%.

Other top rated Brevard schools include:

-Bayside High School

-Titusville High School

-Astronaut High School

-Brevard Virtual Franchise

-Cocoa High School

AP Courses + Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

Brevard Public Schools offer a lot of AP courses including art history, biology, calculus AB, chemistry, computer science, economics, English literature and composition, environmental science, European history, French language and culture, human geography, Latin, physics, music theory, psychology, Spanish language and culture, statistics, US government, US history, and world history.

There are a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs to keep students busy and building their college portfolio. Popular clubs and activities include art, Asian student alliance, chess, dance, debate, drama, French, karate, photography, Spanish, robotics, tabletop games club, video game, yearbook and more.

Sports Teams

Brevard schools promote athleticism and good teamwork through a variety of different sports including baseball, basketball, cross country, diving, bowling, golf, lacrosse, swimming, softball, soccer, track and field, wrestling and tennis.

The Brevard Schools Foundation

The Brevard Schools Foundation is ranked #3 in the nation. It provides support to students, families and teachers with the goal of increasing educational opportunities by promoting support from citizens and corporations. The foundation is responsible for handling a $2.5 million annual budget, all of which is funneled into support systems for schools, educational programs and other donor-designated enhancements.

The Head Start Program & Voluntary Pre Kindergarten (VPK)

Brevard Public Schools offer a Head Start program for 3 and 4-years-old. This program is proven to pay for itself, while serving our community and providing care, education and family services. Not only does the Head Start Program help individual families but it also improves the overall success of our community. The goal is to empower families and children to be all that they can be, helping children progress and meet important milestone goals.

Voluntary Pre Kindergarten works in conjunction with the Early Learning Coalition of Brevard. It is a state-funded program that promotes early learning to families that might not otherwise have the means to pay for it. Limited enrollment is offered at select schools. Your child must turn 4 on or before September 1st in order to enroll in the program for that year.

Alternative Learning Opportunities

Alternative Learning Centers provided by Brevard Public Schools are instituted to provide academic learning during times of discipline. These centers offer short-term academic support and grant students the chance to earn necessary credits for a high school diploma.

Office of School Choice is a unique educational opportunity that allows you to pick which school zone your child attends regardless of address. The school district writes on their website, “By selecting schools, services and programs that best suit your child’s interests, learning style, talents and aptitudes we feel that every child will be educationally fulfilled.”

Charter schools are another portion of the local Brevard public school district, offering a less traditional route for students. Educators, parents, private organizations and community groups fund charter schools. Charter schools operate under their own school board and performance contract, which is sponsored by the Brevard Public School District.

Higher Education In Brevard

There are numerous opportunities for higher education learning in Brevard, including the public state school Eastern Florida State College, formally Brevard Community College.