Best Indian Kitchen Design Ideas in 2022

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From our grandparents’ generations, who used brick stoves, copper vessels, and earthen urns, to the modular kitchen designs we have today, Indian kitchen designs have evolved over time. Given the amount of hospitality we extend to friends and family, a kitchen is essential in any Indian home. Most of our festivals and special occasions revolve around food – Holi, Diwali, New Year’s, birthdays, and anniversaries all have a delectable spread of food.

You understand what we’re on about, right? It could be a home-baked Christmas cake or kheer made by your mother for your birthday, gujjias for Holi, or mutton biryani and sheer khurma for Eid. And so on! Because of our unique attachment to the kitchen, this area of your home deserves special attention. We have compiled a list of the top ten Indian kitchen design ideas to help you make your kitchen look beautiful without sacrificing functionality or efficiency. We have everything you need to achieve the ideal balance in the interior design of your kitchen.

A Straight Kitchen With Clever Storage

One of the most common Indian kitchen designs is a straight kitchen. It is straightforward, space-saving, and compact. This kitchen layout is ideal for city dwellers living in small apartments. To keep your kitchen clutter-free, add skirting drawers, pantry pull-outs, oil pull-outs, and fancy hooks for your ladle and kitchen spoons. You must install adequate lighting in your kitchen so that you can cook comfortably.
A Kitchen in Two Colors With A Foldable Dining Table
We Indians enjoy eating together as a family. At least one meal per day, the family gathers around the dining table. This image depicts a kitchen design appropriate for Indian households. A foldable dining table with hidden storage increases the efficiency of this kitchen while taking up no additional space. You can use the table while eating with family and friends and then store it when not in use. The hidden storage allows you to stack all of your essentials without clogging up your main kitchen space. Dual-colored cabinets add a modern touch to this kitchen while also providing adequate storage for grains, masalas, heavy utensils, and other items. The foldable dining table ensures that the whole family sits down to eat together. This design is ideal for couples with children who want to instil sound, traditional values at mealtimes. Yes, it’s time to say no to Netflix while eating!

A straightforward kitchen with a pull-out breakfast table

“A family that eats together stays together,” as the old adage goes. This is something you’ve most likely heard from your grandparents and parents. However, due to the hectic lifestyles of city dwellers, it is nearly impossible for every family member to gather for a meal. And, with limited space in apartments these days, homeowners are unable to purchase large dining tables. In this design, we attempted to solve this problem. This kitchen has a pull-out breakfast bar. It’s a simple yet revolutionary idea that saves space while also providing you with a much-needed table top to share a few meals of the day. This design is also multifunctional, as it can function as a chopping board, a study table for your children, or additional countertop space when entertaining guests while cooking. It is an excellent example of combining a modern way of life with traditional values.

A Kitchen in Indian Style With Brick Cladding Walls

This kitchen has a lovely rustic charm to it. It’s earthy and warm, with a brick cladding wall. The environmentally friendly design and decor are reminiscent of Indian design sensibilities. The rustic feel of this kitchen makes it a favourite in many households. The warm wooden cabinets, brick cladding walls, and rough finish of the shelves add to the traditional appeal of the interior design of this kitchen. It transports us back in time to the days when our grandmothers used copper vessels while maintaining the functionality of modern modular kitchens. if you want to re-design your kitchen you  can contact a home interior manufacturer near you. For example, if you live in Noida, India, You can contact an Interior designer in Noida or a modular kitchen manufacturer in Noida.

A Wine Rack in a Contemporary Indian Kitchen

These days, urban Indians are well travelled and have been exposed to western lifestyles and culture. So, if you’re willing to forego a glass of lassi in exchange for a nicely aged wine with your meals, this one’s for you! We see a breakfast counter with an open wine rack unit beside it in this design. It is an ideal location for preparing meals or for enjoying the concept of wine and dining with friends and family. A designated storage area for your wine collection also saves you the trouble of looking for storage elsewhere. And, given that not everyone can afford a wine cellar, this is a design hack that every urban Indian should have!

A Natural Light-Filled Indian Kitchen Design

If there is one thing that an Indian kitchen requires, it is plenty of natural light. Given the complexities of Indian cooking and the length of time most of us spend preparing food, a well-lit kitchen is essential. It keeps your kitchen fresh and airy, making it ideal for preparing multiple meals throughout the day. When designing your kitchen, make sure to include a large window with glass panels to let in light. White tiled flooring and glossy laminates can also be used for kitchen cabinets. White reflects sunlight, making your room appear larger, airier, and well-lit at all times.

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