Indicators That Your Loved One Might Need an Assisted Living Facility

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As you age, there is a natural progression of functions shutting down in your body. It is not always easy to admit that you are no longer able to do certain aspects of daily living, but there may come a point that receiving extra help is necessary. If you notice an older family member or loved one struggling through their daily tasks or recognize that they might not be safe on their own, you may want to look into assisted living in Utah. When individuals get older, but still are living on their own, there are some indicators that it might be time to look towards an assisted living center. These facilities can be a great resource that provides a safe environment and 24/7 care to individuals that need it. There comes a point in everyone’s life that they simply can’t take care of themselves and these indicators can give you a good idea of what that could look like in the life of your loved one.

Losing Weight

If there are signs that your loved one is not eating or there is spoiled food in the fridge, that could be an indicator that they need help. If they are not able to cook for themselves or go shopping by themselves, that can be dangerous to their health and well being. Cooking and shopping can become difficult in old age. There is a chance that your older loved one might not admit they need assistance so it will be important to you watch for the signs so that you are able to watch out for them as needed.

Injuries or Bruises

If your loved one has sustained an injury or has bruises on their arms or legs, that may be an indication of poor balance. As you age, you can lose strength and mobility in your extremities as well as have poor eyesight and depth perception that could cause a fall. Falls in older individuals can be very dangerous as their bones may already be weak. A broken bone in an older person will take a lot longer to heal than a broken bone in a younger person. Safety is a huge concern for elderly individuals and should be taken extremely seriously. You never want to see someone you love get hurt, so if they are falling, it is time to look into assisted living options.

Forgetful Issues or Depression

In some cases, older people may tend to forget things that they need to do. Whether that is taking medication, doctors appointments, or lunch dates, forgetting to do things can lead to bigger issues down the road. It is important for their health to be seeing a doctor and taking their medication so if they are forgetting, it is a big indicator that they may be in need of some more help. Depression can also be a side effect of growing older if you are isolated and alone most of the day. You definitely don’t want to see your loved one depressed and assisted living centers can provide a great place for socialization with other residents as well as the facility staff and nurses. Having the conversations about assistance may not always be the easiest to have but the safety and well being of your loved one matters so much. Make sure to pay attention to these indicators and seek out assistance when it is the right time for you and your family.