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What is an insta story and how does it work?Many people wonder what exactly an insta story is, as well as how Instagram stories work. It’s worth finding out and getting acquainted with the most important aspects of creating interesting stories.

What is instastories?

Instastories is a feature available in the Instagram app. Stories literally translates as “stories”. Instagram Stories are content shared by users on an ongoing basis. They appear in the stories section and are only available for twenty-four hours after they first become available. Thanks to instastory, it is possible to report stories from your life or the functioning of the company whose profile you run on an ongoing basis. The image on Instagram is very important. That is why profiles that publish coherent and creative materials that are properly thought out are the most popular among users. An Instagram story can become a fantastic showcase for any profile.

Benefits of Instagram Stories

Sharing stories with users on Instagram undoubtedly has a number of advantages. First of all, thanks to the insta story, it is possible to build better relationships with your recipients, who will certainly be very interested in the published content. In addition, thanks to instastories, it is possible to build greater engagement among recipients, as well as enter into various interactions with them. In an Instagram story, you can, for example, ask your followers questions or take surveys.

By creating attractive content for users, it is also possible to gain new recipients who are eager to get acquainted with the created materials. If you run your own website, it is possible to direct observers directly to it via a link in the form of a “swipe up”. On Instagram, you can also create a shop and link products from it in the story.

Instagram story archive

Many people wonder if it is possible to return to stories published on Instagram, for example, a few months earlier. Of course, this option is available to users. In order to find the stories archive, you should go to your profile, expand the menu on the right, and then enter the “Archive” tab. After selecting this option, the story archive will appear. In addition, Instagram also provides a “relationship calendar” for its users. Thanks to it, it will be possible to check which stories were published on a particular day. It is a very clear solution that makes it easier to navigate through the application. However, if the location was marked on stories, it is also possible to check places in the world where stories were created. This option is available in the form of a story map.

Featured instastories

By default, stories disappear twenty-four hours after they are posted. If you want to keep specific stories, it is possible to save selected content in a special section “Featured Stories”. It is located on the user’s profile, directly above the published posts. The “Featured Stories” section is great if you want to keep your important content, so users will have access to it at all times. Featured stories can have unique covers that simply describe the content of the materials. It is best to choose simple graphics that will be consistent with the appearance of the entire profile and the materials on it.

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How to make interesting stories on Instagram?

Users on Instagram are most interested in interesting content, so it’s worth creating your insta stories in a thoughtful way. In the case of creating insta stories, the creativity of the creator is very important, because the effect of the prepared materials largely depends on it. When creating content on Instagram, it is worth using a number of additional functions that are available in the application. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with them.

Features on the left

When creating instastories on Instagram, it is worth using primarily the functions that are available in the panel on the left. These include the following functionalities:

  • create, i.e. a content creator, thanks to which it is possible to create materials on a uniform or shaded background,
  • boomerang,
  • leveling, which allows you to create perfectly straight frames,
  • layout, i.e. a function that facilitates the creation of collages,
  • superzoom, which allows you to highlight certain elements of the relationship,
  • hands-free, which is a function that allows you to record without using your hands.

Features in the top panel

On Instagram, you can also successfully use the functions that are available in the top panel. They appear after adding materials. Among the specific functionalities in this panel, the following can be indicated:

  • saving the story, which allows you to save the story on the device,
  • swipe up, i.e. a link dragged up that allows you to redirect your recipients directly to a specific website,
  • image changing filters that can be used when recording stories,
  • all kinds of stickers,
  • interactive gifs,
  • music section,
  • Text wizard.

Instagram stories app

Stories on Instagram can also be created using various types of applications, which in this case are very helpful. Currently, you can find many applications on the web that make the work of creators easier.

Thanks to them, you can easily create interesting video materials, add music to recorded movies, as well as add templates to photos and create animations that are interesting for users. Applications for creating instastories undoubtedly allow the creator to stand out and expand their reach and gain new followers Instagram.


Among the frequently used applications that facilitate the creation of stories on a daily basis, one can indicate above all a tool such as Unfold. This is an application that is very popular among creators on Instagram. It is extremely intuitive, which is why it is easy to use on a daily basis. Within the Unfold app, you can find numerous sections with templates that you can use at will. One section of the templates is free, and if you want to use the others, you need to subscribe to them. Even thanks to the use of free templates, it is possible to create interesting graphics on Instagram that will diversify your relationships. The available templates are designed in a minimalist style and are quite simple, which is why they will match the style of virtually any profile.


Another app that is quite popular among creators on Instagram is Mojo. It is somewhat similar to Unfold in that you can also find many templates to help you create content in the Instagram application. Mojo has both free templates and paid options. In addition, in this application you can also find a wide selection of stickers, animated subtitles and fonts that will certainly spice up each story. Thanks to the application, you can also add music of your choice to the created relations in the form of photos or videos, which will complement the created content.


Canva is also a recommended application for creating content on Instagram, which is characterized by a fairly wide range of activities and has various functionalities available.

Canva is a creator of graphics and presentations, which is very willingly used by graphic designers and creators of various visual content. Due to the wide range of functions, it will work not only when creating Instagram stories, but also other visual content. In the Canva application, you can find a wide selection of different templates, stickers, and fonts. A free base is available for users, but it is also possible to use paid additional options that are more extensive.

Story Art

Story Art is another app that you can use when creating an Instagram story. In this application you can find more than sixty collections of materials that are characterized by exceptional consistency. Thanks to them, it is possible to create both static instastories as well as film, animated and interactive materials. The main advantage of this application is a very rich library of various materials. However, it is also possible to create your own templates that will be tailored to your preferences. Story Art, like other applications of this type, is available in both free and paid versions. This allows the user to choose the options they want to use when creating an Instagram story.

How to make stories more attractive?

Many creators care about creating interesting instastories for their recipients, so it’s worth taking care of this aspect and finding out how it is possible to make your insta stories more attractive.

First of all, it is worth posting any materials that activate users in instastories. These can be, for example, a quiz, a survey, as well as a question box. In addition, various materials that attract the attention of recipients will be perfect. Among them, you can indicate, for example, interactive gifs that will surely interest users. Thanks to the use of stories, it is also possible to direct the user to the post, which will increase its reach. You can attach a CTA to a shared post, either as text or as a gif. It is also possible to show the post in the form of a puzzling material that will surely interest the recipients and encourage them to read the new content.

Practice makes perfect

It is very important to keep practicing when building Instagram Stories because practice makes perfect. It is worth developing your skills and using various additional functionalities when creating InstaStories. Thanks to this, it will be possible to create creative content that will undoubtedly increase the engagement of recipients on the profile. You can experiment with the tools provided by the Instagram application, but also use various third-party applications.