Is GPLAdda The Best GPL Site? – Review

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The cost of WordPress add-ons and skins can quickly reach several thousand dollars annually.

For many online businesses, this is a serious revenue-losing strategy.

Some business owners want to save money by purchasing in bulk through a “GPL club.”

Collectives like these sell quality WordPress plugins and themes for far less than they normally would.

In fact, through GPL Adda, we are a part of just such a community.

It seems like an obvious choice, doesn’t it?

It’s not all roses, though, as you might expect.

What is GPL?

GPL is a Software licenced under the GNU Public License (GPL) that can be used, modified, forked, and distributed without restriction.

  • Changing it to fit your needs is a breeze.
  • Those who use the software are not restricted from copying and sharing it with others.
  • Anybody can disseminate updated versions of the software.
  • Although their creations are licenced under the GNU Public License, many WordPress plugin and theme developers nevertheless demand annual fees (also called GNU GPL).

If WordPress is open source and free to use under the GPL licence, then why the hell are the developers charging you money for it?

There should be an outpouring of aid.

In other words, you can’t “buy” a GPL plugin.

Buying this product gives you the option to contact the author directly for help with any questions or concerns you may have, as well as access to all updates and new versions in the future.

You can get the WordPress customer relationship management plugin under the GPL licence as well.

For this reason, WordPress can be used, modified, and expanded upon by anybody.

Am I violating the law if I use a plugin that requires a GPL licence?

To modify and then re-release a WordPress plugin or theme that was originally released under the GNU General Public License is not illegal.

Meanwhile, critics say it violates moral principles.

The GPL licence has the potential to inhibit and promote lawful applications due to its permissiveness toward forking and redistribution of other developers’ work under one’s own name.

GPL Clubs have been called out as the worst offenders of the open-source spirit of the GPL.

These stores exist because not everyone can afford (or is ready to pay) for dozens of premium WordPress themes and plugins.

It’s natural to be hesitant when trying a new product for the first time.

Sites like GPL Adda and others like it operate in a similar fashion to “try before you buy” establishments.

Before settling on a plugin, GPL club members can quickly test out a wide range of options.

GPL Clubs are able to offer software at far lower prices than the original creator since they specialise in collecting and “nulling” software (removing licencing restrictions).

Using these sites to get plugins and themes is not illegal, but some people feel it’s unethical because it takes away the authors’ ability to make a living.

Is GPLAdda the best GPL website in India or Globally?

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If you’re looking for premium WordPress themes and plugins that are released under GPL licences, then you should check out GPL Adda.

On GPL Adda, you may find all the best-selling WordPress themes and plugins for pennies. There are a wide variety of themes and plugins available for purchase at the moment (May 2021).

As a source of income, they purchase the original files from the creator and resell them online in bulk.

They also provide membership options where you may download as many plugins and themes as you want for a set price. Currently, they provide membership packages for a low 999, 3999, or 14999 INR on a monthly, annual, or one-time basis, respectively.

Some time ago, I decided to invest in their yearly subscription and put their products to use across all of my websites.

GPL items are ideal if you don’t care about budgeting, having access to technical support, or receiving frequent updates.

GPL Adda’s live chat offers basic support for things like setup, and the company offers free, permanent updates that can be downloaded whenever you choose.

GPL Adda is the best GPL site I’ve used, and I’ve tried a lot of them!

They’re really competent and responsive to feature requests (albeit a bit slowly).

That’s why we selected to review GPLAdda; it’s the only GPL Club we use.

It operates on the same principle as other GPL Club platforms, namely, purchasing the most up-to-date plugins or creating their own licences in order to resell them to the end user.

While we do support buying software directly from the creator, we do use GPL software in some circumstances (mostly for testing).