Is Still a Viable Alternative to News?

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If you want to read up on tech, business strategies, and interesting news, you should visit This online forum is free and easy to use. Many people enjoy it as an alternative to News. If you enjoy satire and conspiracy theories, it’s the perfect place to turn. And it has a large community of users. You’ll love its community, too! So why not subscribe today?

NewsInfowars is a free and easy-to-use online forum

A few months ago, Apple pulled the Infowars app from its App Store and also banned five episodes of its podcasts. While these actions were taken against Infowars, some media outlets have defended their decision. The company claims the App Store is a place where all points of view can be represented in a respectful manner. But the question remains, is the app still a viable option?

The Facebook-owned Infowars website was banned in October, but that didn’t stop its readership. Its site receives over 10 million unique visitors per month. However, it is worth noting that Infowars’s website is flagged as “socially conservative.” Despite the fact that Infowars has been banned by major media outlets, it has maintained significant traffic despite the changes. According to Quantcast, the website had over three million unique visitors in February 2020.

It is a free and easy-to-use online forum is an online forum that features news and opinion on a wide variety of issues. The site is easy to use and is free to join. Members can discuss their personal beliefs and opinions or share them with the world. Many members are also interested in political, social, and economic topics. Users can post questions, post links, and interact with other members.

It has a large community of users

While Jones has attracted a large community of users, he may be on the verge of being banned from YouTube. His videos are often criticized by mainstream news sources, but he turned this controversy into a fundraising marathon. He reportedly streamed for 34 hours straight to encourage supporters to donate and buy merch. In December, he even went so far as to encourage viewers to buy his merch.

While it is difficult to categorically say that Alex Jones is responsible for the controversies surrounding his videos, there are some notable examples of his work. The founder of Infowars, Alex Jones, claims the U.S. federal government is involved in a worldwide conspiracy, including the staged 9/11 attacks. He also says that the US federal government is behind the shooting of schoolchildren, citing evidence from routine National Guard training exercises.

It is an alternative to News

One reason to subscribe to is that its host, Alex Jones, often focuses on conservative issues. However, that’s not the only reason to watch InfoWars. Jones is a noted proponent of conservative causes and a noted fact-checker of the news media. He also regularly posts videos in which he makes his point. In addition to being an alternative to Fox News, also has an active community of followers.

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