Key Steps For Fixing A Slump In Website Traffic Following A Design Overhaul

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The internet has overseen numerous changes taking place to websites and search engine algorithms. Moreover, there have been changes in the way people have been using the internet. One thing needs to be understood and that is, that outdated websites do not have a place on today’s internet.

When a website is launched, one of its main objectives following a complete web design overhaul is raising the traffic for obtaining more leads and converting them into customers. Such a thing is possible if the web design overhaul was done right then the whole thing is possible with ease. However, in case the web design overhaul was not done right, then it can be a problem.

With many website owners, such is unfortunately not the case. The process needs to be done right and this is the case for many site owners. A sharp fall in website traffic following a botched web design overhaul can cause a loss of revenue. This is why businesses scramble to look for the best possible solution in this regard.

What causes a drop in a website’s traffic following its complete redesign?

For the first few days after a full overhaul, there will be a small drop in website traffic which is normal. If the decline in traffic is 10% for less than a week then it is not a problem. However, if it remains like that for a prolonged period of time, then it is definitely a problem.

Google needs to crawl and index all new web pages of a completely redesigned website so it can serve users properly. This might cause a temporary drop in any website’s organic traffic. In these instances, businesses need to recheck website redirects, structure, and copy to make sure they are done right.

In what ways can website owners fix a slump in website traffic after redesigning their website?

Experts from a leading web design company Dubai have decided to take some time out and share with us key tips to help fix issues with website traffic whenever a website undergoes a full design overhaul.

SEO should be a key component of the whole website redesign process

Website owners need to ensure that the redesign team is working in close coordination with an in-house SEO team or an external SEO agency during the redesign process. This helps site owners overcome issues with bringing the traffic and provide valuable perspective for creating long-term tactics.

The existing website should be crawled and its architecture should be thoroughly planned out

Website owners must take notice of all pages listed on their site before they go for making any changes. They can utilize numerous online tools in making a list of those pages and then compile them into spreadsheets.

This helps ensure that all the valuable information needed for relaunching the website in its new redesigned form helps site owners create a new website architecture whenever needed.

Creating and implementing proper redirects

Proper redirects are needed. If they are not set up within the needed time frame then they are a common cause of loss of website traffic. URL changes are needed and should be set up before the website is launched.

Website owners need to ensure that each URL set up has a 301 redirect. This helps notify crawlers about the page being moved. 302 redirects can kill rankings and are usually temporary by nature.

Creating a new sitemap for the website

Creating a new sitemap for the website is needed before it is launched. This includes all important pages of the website. In short, it is a general overview that works as a sort of a full listing.

The analytics tracking code should be working

Website owners must always keep a check on the analytics tracking code. It should be in place so it can provide a good overview and oversight over numerous things and metrics. Moreover, site owners must ensure that the code is implemented either in the footer or the header. Such can save a lot of stress and will also pave the way for seamless website analytics monitoring.


These steps are proven, tried, and tested, for helping redesigned websites restore traffic back to normal margins.