Knowing the competition is essential for your success on the net

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Your company has always allowed you to obtain satisfactory results, but do you want to make the leap in quality you are missing to reach the largest and most established realities? Is your “physical” business no longer sufficient and do you want to extend the value of your business to the online market as well ?

Today, having your own identity on the internet is more than ever essential to reach an ever wider audience of potential customers, being able to convey who you are, what you do and why you prefer yourself to competitors in a dynamic and original way. This work starts from a careful analysis of the competitors, which will allow you to have a clear idea of ​​the reference market, to eliminate the mistakes made most frequently and at the same time enhance all the strengths and uniqueness of your company.

1)    Between research and observation: the role of the Web Marketing Analyst


online-competitor-analysis-luganoGetting this job done is not easy and requires specific analytical skills. To make an adequate analysis of the market and your competitors, which can then lead you to concrete results to structure your web marketing strategy at best, you understand how it is essential to rely on a serious and professional communication agency. An advertising agency with a valid Web Marketing Analyst is what is right for you: all the characteristics of the competitors and the parameters of the market in which you intend to position yourself will be meticulously examined by this figure, to create a winning path, which reflects and you fully enhance your brand and its history .

A Web Marketing analyst , with specific skills in the SEO field , assisted by other professional figures that are inevitable in a marketing agency, will ensure that your strategy is aimed at achieving real objectives and within your reach. Starting your business and launching your identity on the network without an upstream study is equivalent to groping in the desert, competing in a race alone: ​​imagine participating in a high jump competition without knowing the results of the opponents, and therefore without knowing if the score recorded is sufficient to beat them or not; this would be you, who know what you are worth, but you don’t know if it is enough in relation to those who are present in your same slice of the market.


A careful analysis of the competitors allows you to know how much your direct competitors are worth and helps you to position yourself within a scale of market values. Once you have found the right location, you are ready to climb it, gradually reaching and overcoming those who preceded you.


Today we have dealt with one of the many aspects of digital marketing, which composes a complex and fascinating puzzle at the same time: Web Marketing . Please contact to learn more about other fundamental issues for your company today, and to find out, step by step, how to build your valuable online reality.