Kundalini Yoga In Contrast With Yoga And Its Benefits

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Yoga is a practice to keep the body and mind clean. It originated 1000 of the century back. The term yoga is mentioned in the ancient literature called “Rig Veda” which is mainly inherited by our ancestors. The concept of yoga is classic in itself and consists of spiritual values.

Today we encounter the term ‘yoga’ which has become immensely popular. On the philosophical front, Patanjali refers to it as “restrictions of the fluctuations of consciousness”.’ People can take control over their senses by practicing the “Yogic Kriyas” to understand the basic livelihood and its importance. Apart from yoga, ancient ‘Upanishad’ coined a term called Kundalini yoga which defines spiritual purity.

It not only inculcates exercise but singing, chanting the mantras, breathing and enormous yoga poses. Although, it has a lot to do with our spiritual connectivity with basic breathing habits.

How To Practice Kundalini Yoga?

It has an essence of the different dimensions of spirituality; therefore, it is considered dangerous due to its potent nature. Before starting this, you need to set forth your body in a calm mood without any hurry! As breath plays a significant role, therefore, one has to take a deep and relaxed breath which is commonly called kundalini breathing.

Here the person shouldn’t let go without any supervision because of its adverse impact. You must do this under the experts of kundalini yoga. As you are new then you can take the kundalini yoga class.

Some Steps Have been introduced In Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

  • For first need to sit down with crossed legs and a straight spine.
  • Do close your eyes and focus on between both eyebrows.
  • Inhale a deep breath, stop then exhale it.
  • Do chant the Mantras that help you to come out of the anxious conditions. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes and this process will make you a bit steady, and for further assistance, you can type yoga classes near me which will make you good in these ‘kriyas’.
  • After this you can go for some yoga poses. For the best practice, you can choose the FITPASS membership.

The Difference Between Kundalini Yoga and Yoga

The Kundalini Yoga’s teaching was spread by the ‘Yogi Bhajan’ and he introduces the 3HO(s) for instance Healthy, Happy, and Holy.

There is a minute difference between kundalini and yoga and that is spirituality. It is noted that kundalini yoga is more spiritual than other forms of yoga because it inculcates the mantras, chanting, breathing and the different yoga poses.

Other yoga predominantly deals with exercises and posture issues however kundalini yoga deals with spiritual enlightenment along with the ‘yogic kriyas’.

Well, for practicing this art you can go to the yoga center, and there you will get the exact yoga classes for kundalini. When we specifically talk about the kundalini then means we are talking about the overall development of the body.

Benefits of Doing Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga depicts the ‘Shakti’ which helps to stimulate the divine power in the body. It can transform the human being as a whole and start a new present. It consists of Dhyan, pranayama, and some yogic kriyas.

The List of Health Benefits Is Below

  • Improve Concentration Power

We do start this by chanting the holy mantras which help to activate the happy hormones in the body. In this whole process, we need to place our ‘dhyana’ in our breath which helps to improve the concentration power naturally.

  • Cope With Anxiety

Lots of people deal with depression and anxiety, and this sort of yoga refers to the divine practice which helps to cope with the anxiety and nurture the new positive energy. Although to cope with these tense situations you can choose so many gyms with the help of FITPASS.

  • Good Posture

This helps you to make your body posture fit and perfect. In this busy time, we forget to sit on the floor with folded legs and a straight back. This becomes a hindrance in proper breathing and good posture, however here by doing kundalini yoga meditation you can attain a good posture of body.

  • Good Nervous System

This form of yoga has a lot to do with our nervous system. When we are in the position of yoga. It releases energy from each component of the body that makes us awaken about the seven chakras. And altogether this practice makes us more conscious, aware, and divine.