Leading global industrial robotics companies of 2022

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Robotics and artificial intelligence is the next big thing. And several industries are reliant on robotics. Industrial robotics companies like Fanuc and KUKA hold 17.5% and 13.5% market share. But these are not it; other robust tech entities are ready to rule. And they are prepared to take over the robotics industry in 2022.

Here are the names of a few companies set to reign over the robotics industry this year.

  1. Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a common household name. Born in Japan, Mitsubishi has a worldwide network. Mitsubishi Electric has been catering to consumer needs, from cars to air conditioners. And Mitsubishi’s yearly revenue as of 2020 is 7.2 billion yen.

Now Mitsubishi has dived into manufacturing industrial robotics. Mitsubishi makes industrial robots that can deliver high performance and are highly intelligent. In addition, the corporation has a different range of industrial robots. They include vertical, horizontal, ceiling-mounted horizontal, and environment-specific robots.

  1. Yaskawa Motoman

Yaskawa Motoman was established in 1915 and has been serving customers’ electronic needs for more than a century. From motion controllers to AC motor drives, Yaskawa has been a successful producer of electronic gadgets for several years. As of 2020, Yaskawa Motoman has a yearly revenue of 389 billion yen.

However, there is one industry Yaskawa has been thriving for the past few years. And that’s robotics. Yaskawa Motoman is famous for manufacturing cutting-edge robots for cutting, picking, welding, and assembling woods, hardware, and tools.

  1. Kawasaki

Kawasaki is a common name for manufacturing stylish motorcycles such as Ninja. Kawasaki was founded in 1896. And the company has been building heavy engines, ships, and various other heavy machines for more than 120 years.

And as time unfolded, they conquered several other industries, industrial robotics being one of them. And Kawasaki is doing their job right, for they have been experimenting and manufacturing industrial robots for the past 50 years. In addition, the company explores manufacturing payload, painting, cleaning, pharmaceutical, and other robots.

  1. Nachi

Nachi or Nachi-fujikoshi is another Japanese corporation famous for manufacturing machine components and industrial robotics. Nachi was founded in the year 1928 by Kumano Nachi Taisha. And within a year of its foundation, Emperor Showa specially inspected Nachi’s hacksaw blade, which was already an outstanding domestic product.

Nachi’s yearly revenue for 2021 is 229 million yen. And with their intense capability, Nachi manufactures heavy-duty and palletizing robots. The payload capacity of Nachi robots ranges from 2kg to 700kg, and each robot can reach up to 13 feet.

  1. Universal Robots

Finally, after discussing a range of fine Japanese robotics, we fly straight to Denmark’s Universal Robots. Found in 2005, though a baby among the giants mentioned above, Universal Robots are already making their mark. As of January 2022, Universal Robots claimed to make revenue of $311 million in 2021.

UR industrial robots have a unique name. They are famously known as Cobots or collaborative robots, known for collaborating with humans for industrial work. Universal Robots is the first corporation to bring this idea forth and is thus considered Cobots’ pioneer.

  1. Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics was founded in 1992 by a Massachusetts-based corporation. But, as of 2020, South Korean Car mogul Hyundai owns the company. With just a little over 300 employees, Boston Dynamics earned $2.7 million.

Boston Dynamics is best known for producing dynamic industrial humanoid robots, uniquely named Atlas, spot, Stretch, and Handle. With so much creativity and technology intertwined, the future holds ample opportunity for Boston Dynamics.

  1. Akara Robotics

Ireland might remind you of fine whiskeys or the famous actor Cillian Murphy, but it’s much more than that. Ireland is renowned for its industrial robotics company Akara Robotics. One renowned Irish programmer, Aron Mitchel, who also offers essay help to students, states that Akara Robotics is here to stay.

Although founded in 2019, Akara Robotics has already counted as the next big thing. The company concentrates on manufacturing the senior care robot Stevie. Stevie lives and works at retirement homes and plays the role of primary caregiver.

  1. Ubtech Robotics

While talking about technology and robotics, how can we strike Chinese technology? Ubtech Robotics is one of China’s prominent robotics companies, with net revenue of $105 million in 2021.

Ubtech was founded just a decade back in 2012. And within the past 10 years, Ubtech robotics has been dedicated to making humanoid robots. In addition, Ubtech focuses on manufacturing robots to increase STEM education among children. Furthermore, Ubtech works to produce a set of world-class robots for home entertainment.

  1. Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies was brought into existence in 1969 by Ed Kaplan in Illinois, USA. And as of 2022, it’s one of the prospering robotics companies worldwide, with a $5.627 billion net revenue.

Zebra Technologies manufactures retail robots called SmartSight. SmartSight’s primary role is to optimise the consumer experience and boost store performance by solving common store problems faster. With over 10,000 partners, Zebra technologies are here to stay in the robotics industry for a long time.

  1. Canvas technology

Canvas technology is a compact industrial robotics company consisting of 100 employees. Canvas technology was founded in 2015 in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and Amazon acquired it in 2019. In 2021, Canvas technology earned over $21 million in revenue.

With Amazon’s signature business style, Canvas technology manufactures robots to offer end-to-end independent goods delivery. The robots come with stereo cameras that give them a clear idea of the area the robots are delivering their goods.

Parting Words

The names mentioned here are the top 10 corporations that produce industrial robots. Several other corporations out there are making fast progress in the tech world. The question that remains persistent now is not whether these companies will survive in the market. It’s more about who will stay on the top and conquer the consumer market with their sheer brilliance.

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