Live Blog Covering The Apple Watch Amazon Prime Day Is Ended, But Some Bargains Are Still Going Strong

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And to get things started here in our (pre) apple watch on amazon prime day deals blog, we’ve located a fantastically attractive offer that we’d like to share with you. At this time, the most recent Apple Watch Series 7, 45 millimeters in midnight color, and with a black Nike sports band can be purchased for just $359; this is a reduction from $429, saving you $70.

During the Memorial Day weekend, Best Buy had a promotion that was identical to this one, so it is obvious that the retailer has a good supply of this particular model. It is important to note that we have witnessed various bargains on Apple Watch Series 7 arise and then soon depart; hence, this is an excellent offer if your budget allows you to upgrade to the larger 45mm model.

Mouthwatering Apple Watch Prices Tomorrow

Even while we anticipate seeing some mouthwatering apple watch on amazon prime day prices tomorrow, when apple watch on amazon prime day officially begins, it is still important to keep in mind all of the good refreshed values that are now available on Amazon right this very second. Of course, not everyone will be interested in them, but there was one in particular that piqued our interest.

For just $155 (opens in a new tab), you can buy the Apple Watch Series 3, which includes both GPS and cellular connectivity, along with a white sport band (opens in new tab)! Now, it is very important to emphasize that this is not a completely new model because it has been updated. On the other hand, the quality is guaranteed, and if there are any problems with it, you have up to ninety days to return it.

Refurbished Apple Watches Are Not Going To Appeal To Everyone

Although refurbished apple watch on amazon prime day are not going to appeal to everyone, we believe that for £155, this product is worth taking a look at! The Apple Watch SE is a fantastic product in our eyes. Even though it lacks some of the features that were added to later generations, it nevertheless manages to strike a balance between practicability and cost-effectiveness.

You can also acquire the SE in a variety of colors right now at Best Buy, where the price has been reduced to $249 from its previous level of $269. Even though it wasn’t released until September 2020, you can tell from the rating of five stars that we gave to our review of the Apple Watch SE that we continue to be lovers of the product.

All Of The Features That Are Necessary

In a nutshell, it possesses all of the features that are necessary while omitting any that are not. Add to that the fact that it is reasonably priced to begin with, and we believe that this is a good deal that should be taken into consideration. You can save yourself $70 off the retail price of the red apple watch on amazon prime day 7 by going over to Target right now and purchasing it from them.

To tell you the truth, we believe that when midnight rolls around and Amazon Prime Day officially begins, there will be better prices available for the apple watch on amazon prime day Series 7. However, if you really cannot hold out till then and have your heart set on purchasing the most recent Apple Watch, this is most likely the greatest price that we will be able to locate for it.

Search For Apple Watches On Amazon

If you go to apple watch on amazon prime day  and search for Apple Watch, all you will discover are refreshed models; however, this is because they are holding the stack back until the formal start of Prime Day. If you are willing to purchase an older model and are interested in purchasing an Apple Watch, Series 6, there are some fantastic offers to be had.

Apple Watch Series 6 (Gps)

An apple watch on amazon prime day 6 (GPS) can be purchased from Walmart for $278 (opens in new tab), representing a savings of $139. The only significant drawback to this offer on a 40-millimeter watch is that it is only available in red. Are you able to deal with the hue? Then you got yourself a deal.

If there are any people from the UK reading this that are interested in finding deals, then we have some for you. At the moment, John Lewis is running a number of promotions, the most noteworthy of which is a thirty percent price cut on the Apple Watch Nike Series 6. John Lewis is offering the Apple Watch Nike Series 6 GPS + Cellular for £509, a discount of £459.

Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular, 44mm Silver Stainless Steel Case

Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular, 44mm Silver Stainless Steel Case may be purchased at John Lewis for £699 after a discount of £50. (opens in new tab). The same watch, but in black and with a sport band, may be purchased for the price of £649. (opens in new tab).

Now we’re chatting! Even though it’s not an apple watch on amazon prime day bargain, this is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the Apple Watch Series 7.

The most recent Apple Watch is currently on sale at apple watch prime day for $115 less than its regular price, bringing the price down to just $284 for the 41mmGPS model (opens in new tab), and $314 for the 45mm version (opens in new tab). That works out to a discount of 29% for the 41mm version and 27% for the larger one!

Incredible Bargain Price

What’s the catch? At this incredible bargain price, though, green is the only color that is available. However, there are discounts available for other colors as well, including $80 off the 41mm Apple in Midnight (opens in a new tab), as well as $70 off the red or abysmal blue models.

apple watch on amazon prime day has finally started offering discounts on the Apple Watch 7 in the United Kingdom, which is excellent news for residents there. Although the savings aren’t as as impressive as they could be, Amazon UK is now offering a discount of £50 on the 41mm in green.

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