Dua Kelinci Lofet Peanuts Review

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Dua Kelinci Lofet Peanut

Dua Kelinci is a well-known Indonesian brand that specializes in producing a variety of snacks, including peanuts. Among their popular snacks is Lofet Peanuts, a delicious and crispy snack that’s perfect for munching on anytime. In this article, we’ll be reviewing Dua Kelinci Lofet Peanuts and sharing our thoughts on this tasty snack.

Packaging and Design:

The packaging of Dua Kelinci Lofet Peanuts is eye-catching and colorful, making it easy to spot on the shelves. The design features a cartoon of two rabbits, the brand’s logo, and the words “Lofet Peanuts” in bold letters. The packaging is resealable, which helps to keep the peanuts fresh and crunchy for longer.

Taste and Texture:

Dua Kelinci Lofet Peanuts have a unique and delicious taste that’s hard to resist. The peanuts are coated in a crispy, crunchy batter that’s seasoned with a blend of spices, giving them a savory and slightly sweet flavor. The texture of the peanuts is perfect – crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. They are not too hard, making them easy to chew and enjoy.

Variety of Flavors:

Dua Kelinci Lofet Peanuts come in a variety of flavors, including Original, Spicy, Cheese, and Barbeque. Each flavor is distinct and delicious, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The Spicy flavor is perfect for those who like their snacks with a little kick, while the Cheese flavor is great for those who prefer a milder taste.

Nutritional Information:

Dua Kelinci Lofet Peanuts are a great snack option for those who are looking for a healthier alternative to traditional junk food. They are low in calories, high in protein, and contain no trans fat. However, it’s important to note that they do contain a moderate amount of sodium, so it’s best to enjoy them in moderation.

Price and Availability:

Dua Kelinci Lofet Peanuts are widely available in Indonesia and can be found in most supermarkets and convenience stores. They are reasonably priced, making them an affordable snack option for anyone who’s looking for a tasty treat without breaking the bank.

Health Benefits of Peanuts:

Peanuts, which are the main ingredient in Dua Kelinci Lofet Peanuts, have several health benefits. They are a good source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, which can help to keep you full and satisfied. They also contain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium, which are important for maintaining good health.

Peanuts can also help to reduce the risk of certain health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Studies have shown that eating peanuts regularly can help to lower cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation in the body, and improve insulin sensitivity.


Overall, Dua Kelinci Lofet Peanuts are a delicious and satisfying snack that’s perfect for munching on anytime. With their unique flavor, crispy texture, and variety of flavors, they are sure to satisfy even the most discerning snack lovers. If you haven’t tried them yet, we highly recommend giving them a try and adding them to your snack collection.