Logistics real estate Four Parx relies on digital operation for Mach2

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What Is Logistics real estate?

For the digital facility management of “Mach2,” one of the first commercial and logistics properties in Germany with two floors, the project developer Four Parx relies on the solution from qprem qualified premises.

Four Parx has put in place the digitalization of the “Mach2” commercial and logistics building in Hamburg, which has two floors.

The WISAG Group used the qprem solution to take care of their facilities.

Access, e-mobility, maps, and parking are some of the most important parts of the solution.

The qprem solution is a software platform that makes it possible to run and manage commercial and logistics real estate. With the help of a mobile app, it links people, buildings, and technologies and systems that can talk to each other. So, the platform helps the people who use logistics properties do their jobs better and save money. WISAG, a service company based in Frankfurt am Main, uses Qprem as part of its facility management.

Solutions For Access, E-Mobility, Parking, And Maps In Logistics Real Estate

Access, e-mobility, parking, and maps are four key areas where qprem can help with the operation of commercial and logistics real estate. myenvoyair With an intelligent infrastructure, it’s possible to use digital entry and access controls, manage parking spaces in a cost-effective way, show people how to get around the site, and run e-charging stations. It can also be used for smart lighting, new work, and energy management. The app can be easily and technically added to existing systems, and it gives the system provider access to the data it collects. From the collected data, long-term and sustainable ways to save energy can be figured out.

Making New Ideas For Logistical Properties

With the port of Hamburg in close vicinity, Four Parx, asset manager AEW, and general contractor GSE Germany created “Mach2.” Four Parx’s successful completion of the property is a milestone in the evolution of forward-thinking space and construction designs in major urban centres

Building Up The Business And Logistical Sectors

The Dreieich-based firm Four Parx focuses on industrial and warehouse property development projects. With an emphasis on sustainability, not gay jared new transportation options, alternative energy supply, digitization, compact space planning, and high flexibility, Four Parx creates cutting-edge building and space concepts. Francisco J. Bähr, an expert in project development, Oliver Schmitt, an architect specialising in commercial real estate, Jochen Gerber, an expert in commercial real estate management, and Marcus Jungheim, a real estate manager, have formed Four Parx Holding GmbH.