Making the Most Money You Can as an Accountant

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Construction accountants

As with many higher-entry jobs, accountants have a good chance of making a decently large salary. This job is one that is very essential to many companies, which makes the need very high in demand. Due to this demand, people are willing to pay for the job to be done. After going through years of training, exams and certifications, you definitely will want to know that you are getting paid what you are worth. There are certain aspects of the job field that can help you make the most of being an accountant.

An advantage to this particular job is that depending on the location and job type, you can decide how much money you would like to make based on choosing some of these more financially favorable options. This job’s income is already above the national income average, but take a look below at some of the factors that could raise your chances at making an even better salary.

The Best Business Job

Accountants are always in high demand. That is why they are usually paid so much – it’s a supply in demand type of relationship. This fact is what makes accounting one of the best business jobs to have. The salary and benefits available for employees also makes this occupation desirable. There is a ton of growth potential available at these jobs that have been known to stand against economic depressions and recessions.

This job also requires an extensive amount of training and can provide you with a valuable skill set. You can also take the category of accounting in many different ways when it comes to your occupation. CPA’s or IRS workers are always in high demand. There is always a need for auditors. Construction accountants can be extremely necessary for many construction businesses. Many government entities also need bookkeeping services for tax purposes and services. All of these factors go into making the job of an accountant so lucrative.

High Paying Places and Industries

In the United States, the top-paying states for accountants are mostly found near the East Coast. The following states are states that have the highest salaries for their accountants:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • California
  • Massachusetts

The top industries that pay their accountants the most across the United States are as follows:

  • Pipeline Transportation of Oil
  • Computer and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Security and Financial Investments
  • Federal Executive Branch

In these locations and with these specific companies, you will be making more than just the average accountant. When looking into places to live and industries to work for, look towards these for a more high-paying career.

Pursuing an Accounting Career

Going through the training and acquiring the degrees to pursue an accounting career can prove to be quite beneficial – especially when following the guidelines of where to live and what industry to be a part of. Everything from auditors to construction accountants are bound to have decent salaries, but these locations and industries are what will give you the most bang for your buck. By pursuing this career, you can guarantee that there will be a high demand to fill those certain positions that you are qualified for. You will be able to find those places that will help you make the most money you can as an accountant and be satisfied knowing that pursuing this career was worth it.