The best ideas for a maternity photo session as a couple

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maternity photo shoot ideas for a couple

Motherhood is a magical time for a couple that they tend to cherish forever. Organizing a maternity photo session would be a fantastic option to make these moments memorable. In this article, we have accumulated some maternity photo shoot ideas for a couple.

The 10 best ideas for a couple maternity photo session

1. Focus on the belly

Focusing on the most crucial character in the photo shoot would be a great approach. The photographer can take a close-up photo of a pregnant woman’s belly and clasped hands. Adding extra light can create a dramatic atmosphere in your shot.

2. All in one frame

Include father, mother, sister, brother, and other family members and create a healthy framework. It is one of the unique maternity photo shoot ideas where you can show the whole family together and their excitement to welcome the new member.

3. Little shoes

Have the parents-to-be already thought about buying a new pair of tiny shoes for the newborn? If yes, please bring a small kit of shoes during photography. Otherwise, ask the photographer to bring small shoes. This is how you can express your enthusiasm for the little one.

4. The brilliant photo

The glitter can be used to make a baby shower party. These photographs are now in fashion. Glitter is a great way to make your pregnancy photos stand out.

5. Heart hands

Have your clients make heart hands to show affection for the baby-to-be in the photo. Emphasize to emphasize the love, harmony and understanding of the family when wearing the wedding ring.

6. It’s all about the ultrasound

There’s no better way to top off a maternity photo shoot than an ultrasound photo. Select a suitable background, compose the snapshot, and then click on the shot.

7. Sibling bonding

If the unborn baby already has an older brother or sister, one of the best maternity photo ideas is to get them all together in one frame. Children will add to the feeling of excitement in the images. These photos seem to be fairly well balanced, especially if all the participants wear the same type and color of clothing.

8. Calabacita

If the photo shoot is in the winter season, pumpkins are great props to simulate a developing belly. This concept will result in fun, cheerful graphics and a happy atmosphere. Try to involve the would-be father in the shot as well.

9. Simple silhouette

It is one of the best maternity photo shoot ideas for a personalized session with the pregnant couple. The photographer must take advantage of the beauty of the reflection of light to capture the silhouette of a woman. These photographs are often taken in black and white to convey the depth of a woman’s feelings.

10. Radiant smiles

Smiles are always at the top of the list of perfect couple maternity photo shoot ideas. To create a mood of excitement and anticipation, take a photo of Dad rubbing the belly that peeks out from behind Mom’s clothes.


The maternity phase is a magical moment in your life, full of incredible transformations and ecstatic expectations. After all, you’re developing a little human you can’t wait to meet! One of the best ways to mark this momentous day in your life?

You will be able to reflect on your maternity photo shoot for years to come. Having a couple of maternity photo sessions could be the best gift for your future little one.