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Today, most businesses in Dubai are shifting towards mobile applications due to their massive use among people according to their strategy. Therefore, mobile applications continue to change the world business sector as they are now essential for business growth. 

However, entering the mobile business does not ensure a company’s success. Instead, it required in-depth research, development strategy, planning, and more for enterprises with an existing mobile app or those planning to build a new mobile app to expand in a highly competitive mobile market.

Mobile apps have several advantages, including operating faster and more efficiently. As a result, many mobile app development companies in Dubai are required to build mobile apps with unique features and qualities. 

You can use mobile app development frameworks to construct mobile enterprise apps that are Web, cross, or hybrid platforms.

What are mobile application frameworks? 

A mobile app development framework is a software framework that provides a collection of comprehensive tools that developers use to construct powerful mobile applications, such as compilers and programming interfaces, among other things. 

The framework gives developers access to various code libraries, API tools, SDKs, and other resources, allowing them to build feature-rich apps without having to start from scratch. 

The framework establishes a robust foundation for mobile app development, increasing the process’ speed and efficiency.

Types of mobile app frameworks

Every mobile app comes in different forms & types on various platforms. There can be three types of mobile applications based on their functionality. They are- 

  • Native apps

These apps are built for particular operating systems like iOS, Android & windows. In addition, these applications make use of features like camera, RAM, GPS, etc. 

The native app framework is used to design native applications for specific platforms.

  • Hybrid apps

These applications are built by combining the features of both native and web apps. Native app development framework or the hybrid app development framework are two powerful frameworks used to develop these applications. 

  • Cross-platform app development framework

The framework is used to develop cross-platform apps. The applications built from these platforms are capable of providing a native app experience in terms of push notification & UI/UX.

The use of a framework makes things easier for mobile app development in Dubai to build an app for mobile platforms. 

Now let’s examine the leading trends in mobile application frameworks. 

Types of frameworks in 2022

  • React Native

React Native is maintained by Facebook, an open-source, cross-platform application development framework. It is now the most popular choice among developers. 

React Native is a performance-heavy, robust framework written in Java, JavaScript, C++, Objective-C++, and Python.

 It is used to develop apps for Android, iOS, the Web, and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) while exploiting the respective native platform features.

Its features include less development time, low code, interrogation with third-party plagiarism, and more.

  • Flutter

It is an open-source mobile app developed by Google. It is the best mobile app framework for hybrid applications in the industry. 

Flutter has concerns that account for all significant platform variations, including navigation, icons, and scrolling, and eliminates the need for platform-specific UI.  

It has a flexible UI, strong widget support,supports flutter animation, full native performance, faster development, and more features. 

  • Ionic

It is an open-source framework that allows app developers to create iOS & Android-based applications with better performance. The best feature of this framework is that it will enable developers to use various UI elements in designing the app, such as filters, navigation menus, etc. 

The best features of the Ionic framework are complete control over the app development, muscular development, independence to select the platform, and others.

  • Solar 2D

The framework allows us to create outstanding mobile game applications. It is an open-source and free app development platform based on lightweight, flexible script writing & user-friendly for developing the game app. 

Its key features are real-time stimulation, multiple plugins for all needs, live testing, and others. 

  • Native Script

The native script is an open-source framework with the capability to reduce the codes & the time needed to load in an app. 

The key features of the native script framework are re-usability of code, usage of native UI components, access to native APIs, and Android & iOS APIs. 


Those mentioned above are the top mobile app development frameworks used to create a user-friendly application with rich features. If you plan to develop a mobile application in Dubai, find the right app developers who use the best framework for developing your application.

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