10 Most Affordable Used Mini Trucks In 2022

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It’s no secret that vehicles have become bigger and better with each new generation over the past several decades. But not everyone needs a huge Japanese Kei truck with strength and versatility. To help you find something fairly reasonable in size and price, we’ve compiled a list of the top affordable Used mini trucks to purchase in 2022.

This list contains mid-range trucks and the recently launched small pickup class. Go through our list to see which Japanese Kei truck would be the best for your garage because smaller vehicles, unlike full-size ones, can fit very well and still be durable. Look at some of the top Japanese Kei trucks in 2022.

·        Dodge Dakota

The 2010 Dodge Dakota should be one of your priorities when looking for a small used vehicle to examine. Compared to other pickup trucks, this dynamic vehicle, produced from 2007 to 2011 only, has comparable hauling capabilities.

The 2010 Dakota has a maximum towing capacity of 7,250 pounds with the proper towing kit. For convenience, it is also available as a five-seat extended cab truck.

However, the standard model’s V6 engine lacks power. Additionally, compared to other compact pickup vehicles, it has less elegant and less durable inside components.

·        Chevrolet Colorado

With plenty of safety features and advantages for heavy lifting, Chevrolet provides a sophisticated truck experience. The popular 2015 edition of the Chevy Colorado offers up to 305 horsepower from various available engines. It’s a fantastic vehicle for a road trip because of its cozy interior, amenities, and 17 to 27 mpg highway driving.

Colorado has poor dependability ratings. Before making an offer on a used Chevy Colorado, make sure to give it a thorough examination. You might also want to arrange for a pre-purchase inspection.

·        Nissan Frontier

Despite losing its position as the least expensive pickup truck, the Nissan Frontier is thankfully a brand-new vehicle for the first time in more than ten years.

As the four-cylinder basic engine from the previous generation is no longer available, all versions now come with a new 3.8-liter V-6 engine.

Although there are more amenities available than in previous versions and the interior is much more contemporary, the lowest S trim level is still only very little equipped.

·        Silverado 1500 Chevrolet

The Silverado Chevrolet is around $28,000, which makes Chevrolet the least expensive full-size truck in the country, albeit this distinction may be granted on a technicality.

The equipped crew-cab High Country vehicles, which may run more than twice as much as this sub-$30,000 figure, are a long cry from the inexpensive Chevy Silverado.

This regular-cab vehicle with work truck grade features comes with rear-wheel drive and a 4.3-liter V-6 engine but lacks style. Chevy revamped the Silverado for 2022, although the new model’s price hasn’t yet been disclosed.

·        Toyota Tundra

Toyota has finally updated the Tundra for 2022, and the new model sports a fresh exterior, interior design, and new engine options.

Although the least-priced variant in this image is the extended cab rather than the crew cab, the base SR model is still in use and is seen here.

The twin-turbo 3.4-liter V-6 engine found in all Tundra models offers 405 pound-feet of torque, although the SR manages 348 horsepower. A more powerful V-6 with 389 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque is available if you pay extra.

·        Gladiator Jeep

Literally, the Gladiator Jeep is the Wrangler of trucks. This four-door truck is based on Jeep’s renowned off-road SUV and has many of its similar rock-crawling capabilities. It also has the critical distinction of being the only convertible pickup available for purchase.

Although Jeep just offered a diesel engine option, the regular 3.6-liter gasoline V-6 is still the most affordable way to purchase a Gladiator. While Sport, the entry-level variant, has a six-speed manual gearbox.

·        Ram 1500

Our favorite full-size pickup for 2019 is the Ram 1500, which was just introduced. Even more, we gave it the 2020 10 Best prizes.

For the lowest price, you may get a Ram Tradesman with an extended cab, rear-wheel drive, and a V-6 engine.

There is no model in the normal cab. You may return in time and get the previous model, which Ram presently markets as the 1500 Classic, listed elsewhere on this list, if you’re seeking a less expensive Ram.

·        Canyon GM

GMC substantially increased the Canyon pickup’s price by removing the base models. The Elevation trim, which is more well-equipped than the previous SL model and has a cooler appearance, is now the base model.

It still shares many mechanical components with the Chevy Colorado and has a 2.5-liter inline-four as standard power and rear-wheel drive as an option.

·        Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma from Toyota has earned a reputation for dependability, affordability, and no-nonsense capabilities and has possibly the greatest importance in the small-pickup sector.

Being more affordable than any other traditional body-on-frame trucks available on the market in 2022 is likely its strongest selling point.

That’s partly due to the Utility package, which may be ordered and subtracts $1715 from the basic price in exchange for getting rid of the rear seats, sliding back window, paint on the bumpers, and other external trim pieces.

·        Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hyundai effectively extended a Tucson crossover and added a tiny truck bed to the back to produce the Santa Cruz. This unibody vehicle, like the Tundra and Frontier, mentioned elsewhere on this list, is relatively small by today’s standards.

Front-wheel drive is standard, and the base engine is a 2.5-liter inline-four with a naturally aspirated 191 horsepower. A more potent 2.5-liter turbo engine and all-wheel drive are available, but they come at a higher price.

·        Nissan Titan

Although the Nissan Titan is a direct rival to domestic full-size trucks, it has a very different portfolio today than it did previously, especially after Nissan dropped numerous varieties, including the regular-cab and XD versions with Cummins diesel engines.

Only extended-cab and crew-cab versions of the 2021 Titan are currently offered, with the 5.6-liter gasoline V-8 engine.

Contrary to the basic work-truck versions of Ford, Chevy, and Ram trucks, the base model is properly equipped and hence costs significantly more.


These are only some of the mini trucks that are highly regarded compact pickup vehicles on the market. With this guide, you can quickly filter, locate, and purchase a used car from a certified seller in your neighborhood.

Search the ads, websites, and social media sellers to discover your next truck and learn more about this procedure to get it in no time.

Mini trucks are almost everyone’s favorite these days because of their purpose, looks, and features. Some people are thinking of getting a Japanese Kei truck, while some want to update their previous vehicles with better trucks. Whatever the need be this guide will prove to be helpful.