Online Yoga Classes with Live Streaming – Benefits

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People are drawn to view live footage rather than edited recordings that are less authentic. Live Streaming Yoga lessons online generate better engagement because people flock to see live footage rather than edited videos that are less authentic than great information on best online yoga classes on YOGI TIMES. It has been discovered that customers or yoga students prefer to view streaming live videos and invest extra time watching them than standard, recorded videos.

With live videos, viewers are offered genuine and relevant access to a business. It’s not a pre-scripted video with many takes to get it just right; instead, it’s a space for the brand to be more open and personal with its audience. In addition, live streaming Yoga sessions online is an engaging platform that allows you to listen to your audience or students in real-time and respond to their questions. According to Livestream data, 79 percent of respondents feel live video creates a more authentic contact with viewers. In comparison, 80 percent would rather watch a brand’s live video than read a website, and 82 percent prefer brand online streams to social postings.

Furthermore, Livestream discovered that image quality is the most significant element for 67 percent of viewers while viewing a Livestream broadcast — proving that a live broadcast can still be done on a shoestring budget. You may even do a live broadcast utilizing your phone or PC if you have the proper backdrop and atmosphere. When you consider the amount of money that may be spent on a pre-recorded video campaign, it’s an excellent deal.

You may use a variety of tools to create high-quality films in minutes, including your live video.

Animoto discovered that 64 percent of customers were affected by their purchase choice after seeing an advertising video on Facebook, indicating that a webcast is a successful ROI since it drives brand engagement and sales. Additionally, according to Syndacast, live video is content with the most significant ROI for 52 percent of marketing professionals globally.

Finally, live streaming may be done from anywhere at any time; no studio equipment or recording equipment is required.

Advantages of Recorded Videos

If live-streaming is beneficial, then recorded videos are as well.


When you’re in a live situation, anything unexpected might happen, such as a cough or a loud noise that makes you appear unprofessional. However, in recorded videos, you may modify the footage to make it more appropriate for the audience.

You may go through the correct order of your screenplay and video content in recorded videos and keep a seamless track of events covered.

You may need to use a pre-recorded video if you want to communicate a particular sales message.

When it comes to living video streaming vs. recorded films, there are benefits and downsides to both, with both proving to be a marketer’s pleasure – according to Social Media Examiner, 60 percent of marketers already use video in their marketing, and 73 percent aim to increase their usage of video.

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