Package Tracking System Software: Ideal Management for Your Ecommerce

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Package tracker softwareBuying and selling all kinds of products online has become part of the daily lives of countless people. E-commerce is here to stay, as evidenced by the dizzying growth it has experienced in the last year. Taking this direction has been a key factor for the survival of many businesses amid confinement. And everything indicates that this trend will continue even when the pandemic is over.

If you have recently decided to sell online, you already have an eCommerce, or you are in the process of creating it. But that’s not all you need. It is also essential to work with a package tracking system software that guarantees that the product reaches the final customer in perfect condition.

Your customers’ loyalty and your business’s reputation are at stake. For this reason, we present a detailed report on package tracker software for eCommerce. Find out what package tracking software free offers you.

How to choose a package tracking system software

To determine the most suitable shipping package tracking software for eCommerce, we have it based on three criteria:

  1. Cloud-based platforms / Saas (Software as a Service)
  2. Implemented on the website
  3. Present functionalities for eCommerce, integration of web pages, and tracking of shipments.

Check our Tekcore package tracking software for free.

Tekcore is package tracker software designed for multi-platform sellers who want to save time and money shipping their products at the same time. It can be integrated with up to major carriers.

The package tracking software free application also allows you to track shipments and status monitoring. For example, assign labels to your favorite carriers, track the items shipped, and quickly manage your returns and those of your customers through its self-service portal. Monitor the stock levels of your products and receive notifications when your inventory is running low; create reports; and visualize detailed analyses to improve your sales strategy. In addition, it provides you with attractive discounts.

How to choose Tekcore package tracker software

Tekcore is ideal package tracking system software for those manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and carriers offering outsourced logistics services and spend large amounts on shipping their products annually. The application is accessible from the cloud and supports domestic and international shipment and status tracking by land, air, and sea. It introduces the reporting functionality.

Integration with courier companies

When you enter for the first time, you can add your current carriers in a few clicks. The platform also offers support in route selection, shows you the estimated delivery times for your shipments, and guides you so that you can choose the most affordable alternative before dispatching the order.

Tekcore package tracking software features a clean and minimalist interface, making accessing its most important features easy. It also has the report creation function to analyze your shipments. You can access this platform from a web browser or its official application, available for mobile devices with Android or iOS. You can choose shipping rates and track shipping from your dashboard if you use Shopify Plus or Magento to run your online business.

The platform is ideal for importing and exporting products, especially those sent by land. It includes integration with courier companies.

The mission goes beyond managing and tracking shipments and their status. The application analyzes the information in real-time to optimize the supply chain’s operation and supports route selection. It also shows you the carrier’s recommendations, and its algorithms help you choose the best option. It also has tools to calculate shipments’ prices accurately and efficiently manage suppliers’ operations.