Physiotherapy Administration Pre and Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Cardiac Surgery is also known as Cardiovascular surgery or heart surgery. It is the surgery that involves the heart or the blood vessels which carry blood to and from the heart. The surgery is performed by cardiac surgeons. Cardiac Surgery is not always about heart problems. It can be about preventing heart attacks and blood clots, repairing damaged heart valves, fixing congenital heart problems, irregular heartbeat, and opening blocked or narrowed arteries.

After cardiac surgery,  Physiotherapy is very important. Kanata Physiotherapy

helps in healing faster Pre and Post Cardiac Surgery.

What are the Benefits of Physiotherapy before cardiac surgery?

Physiotherapy before cardiac surgery is called pre-cardiac rehabilitation. It helps the patients to make up their minds physically and mentally before the surgery. Some of the benefits are –

  1. Less complication-  Physiotherapy decreases the chances of complications before and after surgery. It trains the muscles in advance for the surgery. This makes it more effective and efficient.
  2. Knowledgeable information – Physiotherapy helps in gaining information. It helps in the quick recovery of the patients.
  3. Less Anxiety – Patients who are doing Physiotherapy before cardiac surgery are less anxious and stressed. Physiotherapy helps in improving flexibility and strength,
  4. Breathing exercise –  The pre-rehabilitation will make you learn the exercises of breathing well. It can also help in further Lung complications. It lessens the chances of infection after the surgery.
  5. Fast recovery – One must train the muscles before the surgery. It can make the surgery more effective. Physio Orleans teaches us easy exercises for faster recovery.
  6. Confidence – It improves the overall confidence of the patients. This helps in making the surgery successful.

Benefits of Physiotherapy after Cardiac Surgery

After the doctor says that the patient is ready for the post-surgical rehabilitation plan, you may start it. Some of the benefits are –

  1. Reduce pain and swelling – After the surgery, the patient must start the post-surgical treatment before taking the doctor’s advice. By this, you can reduce the pain and the swelling. The therapist uses various techniques like icing and ultrasound that helps in healing faster.
  2. Healthy lifestyle – Physiotherapists help in educating patients about a healthy lifestyle after treatment. They also educate them about the harmful effects of alcohol consumption.
  3. Exercise – Easy exercises are taught by Physiotherapists for the faster recovery of the patients. It improves blood circulation as well as the movements of the body. This also reduces the chances of blood clots in the body.
  4. Recover lost strength – To get back to your daily routine one needs to recover from the lost strength and stamina. The program is designed to target specific areas.


Physiotherapy treatment is very important before and after cardiac surgery. These will enhance the recovery process. It will keep you active and more independent. Patients can get involved in physical activities and increase their strength. It also prevents further complications and a bedridden lifestyle. Physio tells the patients to walk, cycle and perform yoga. These give you the healthy lifestyle and fitness you deserve.